Ralph Mosgrove Redefines the Gratitude Attitude in “Saying Thanks and Beyond”
Ralph Mosgrove Redefines the Gratitude Attitude in “Saying Thanks and Beyond”

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Ralph Mosgrove articulates his and his wife’s thoughts and ideas on ways to go beyond the ordinary response of simply saying “thank you” in Saying Thanks and Beyond. Reading the anecdotes in this PageTurner Press and Media masterpiece will answer the question, “Is saying thank you enough?”

When receiving kindness, it has to be paid forward. The immediate way to do so is by letting the person who helped know that he or she is truly appreciated. While saying “thank you” is a sincere expression of appreciation for strangers’ acts of caring and kindness, is it really enough? “Ralph Mosgrove shares his story while exploring the important question of how to show gratitude when one extends their kindness to you,” Faridah Nassozi wrote in a book review in Readers’ Favorite.

“Mosgrove explores ways we can all keep that gratitude alive and going forward,” Jack Magnus wrote in another book review in Readers’ Favorite. More literary critics have given Saying Thanks and Beyond: Is Saying Thank You Enough? five-star ratings on Readers’ Favorite.

Bruce Arrington recommends reading this treatise on expressing gratitude, stating that it serves as “a good reminder in an age where shifting fads may alienate people from each other, so much so that they can lose the ability to communicate.”

The gesture of waiting and the willingness to help is moving. Mosgrove believes that expressing our gratitude when receiving kindness can make someone feel good and encourage them to share the same feeling to others. Extending kindness without hesitation or reservation generates joy, goodwill, confidence, and encouragement. Faridah Nassozi asserts, “While a lot has been said about the importance of kindness, not so much is said about how to truly express your gratitude for kindness, and that is the focus of Saying Thanks and Beyond. This book talks about kindness from all sides: giving it, receiving it, its ripple effects, and truly showing appreciation for it.”

Jack Magnus “enjoyed considering the ripple effect of gratitude both within the one expressing it and without.”

Faridah Nassozi left a wonderful remark about Mosgrove in a book review, “The beauty that has come out of the acts of kindness he has received or observed over the years often goes beyond the moment, spreading into other parts of the recipient’s life and beyond.”

Truly reflecting on the kindness he and his wife received from strangers, Mosgrove composed this devotional collection that tackles how a good deed and expressing gratitude go a long way. Acquire paperback and e-book copies of Saying Thanks and Beyond at www.pageturner.us.

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