Do Unto Others…’ In Recognition of Pancasila Day
Do Unto Others…’ In Recognition of Pancasila Day

UNITED STATES, June 9, 2024 / — On June 1st, the Visions of Peace Initiative (VOPI) screened its most recently produced documentary, “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…” to students in Surakarta in recognition of the Pancasila Day and the birth of the Republic of Indonesia’s commitment to unity and social justice. The student audience participated in a candid and meaningful question and answer session following the screening.

Princess Dr. Cheryl Halpern, a founder of the VOPI noted that, “The Principles of the Pancasila promote respect for an inclusive and civilized society as presented in the Indonesian motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and provide for unity, with respect for the diversity of all Indonesians.

It is an affirmation of the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others, as you would want to have done to yourself’, a universal value that is central to every faith and religion.”

The decision to screen the Golden Rule documentary on Pancasila Day, the national holiday that celebrates the pillars upon which Indonesia is founded was collectively made by the VOPI leadership. As Princess Natasha Dematra, a co-founder of the VOPI, explained, “The belief that we are all children of the divine creator, that we all need to tolerate one another, and that there has to be unity with respect for one another needs to be prioritized.. The timing was just perfect to come here, to be here in Surakarta, the City of Tolerance, at this moment.”

Princess Dr. Cheryl continued, “The Visions of Peace Initiative, has been teaching tolerance and civility to Indonesian youth since its establishment in 2017. The universal value, the Golden Rule, also known as the ethic of reciprocity, is the core precept for the VOPI’s programs.

Through the Visions of Peace Initiative’s programs, Indonesian youth have been exposed to the Golden Rule, and have learned to respect one another regardless of their individual differences. The Visions of Peace Initiative has been motivating Indonesia’s youth, aged 5 to 18 years old, to use their artistic preferences to express their concerns for the future and to share their visions regarding tolerance, peace and respect for a peaceful tomorrow. Schools, orphanages and social organizations, representing all religions and ethnic denominations, have participated in the more than 200 VOPI events and programs that have taken place to date.

Princess Dr. Cheryl asserted that, “We need to dedicate ourselves to promoting tolerance and civility. We need to teach the Golden Rule and the ethic of reciprocity especially now when globally there is a rise of intolerance, a rise in prejudice, a rise in disrespect, and a rise in violence. This is an obligation and responsibility for each of us to address within our homes and communities. “

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