Marjorie S. Chilton Unveils Compelling Novel “Overcoming” – A Tale of Resilience, Mystery, and Generosity

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NORTH CAROLINA, USA, April 29, 2024 / — Overcoming by Marjorie S Chilton is a heartwarming story set in a Virginia mountain community during the years of the world wars and the Great Depression. The novel weaves the lives of three families, their relationships, their loses, and their triumphs, and a mystery involving two young lovers.

Chilton is a graduate of Appalachian State University where she majored in education with a concentration in sociology. In South Carolina she was a child protective services worker and later director of a teen pregnancy prevention program for which she was awarded Employee Of the Year by the South Carolina State Business Advisory Committee.

In North Carolina she directed a program pairing volunteers with expectant mothers lacking adequate support systems. This program was adopted by the state which replaced volunteers with paid outreach workers. For the remaining eleven years before retirement, she taught middle school science and social studies.

The primary message Chilton aims to convey through “Overcoming” is twofold. She emphasizes that everyone encounters challenges and requires support to overcome them. Furthermore, the novel underscores the reciprocal nature of providing assistance – the helper benefits as much as the person receiving help. In a world inundated with human suffering showcased through media, Chilton believes that helping others serves as a potent antidote to feelings of helplessness.

“Overcoming” is slated to be a must-read for those seeking a compelling narrative that combines elements of resilience, mystery, and the transformative power of generosity. The novel is expected to resonate with teen and adult readers, offering both a riveting storyline and a poignant message that transcends time.

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