Meta-Stadiums Teams Up with Breaking Bad Star Luis Moncada to Launch GTA V RP Server Based on Hit Series

1986 Fleetwood Bounder was the mobile meth lab of Walter White

Walter White in the Breaking Point GTA V RP Server

This image is of the Superlab within the Breaking Point GTA V RP Server by Meta-Stadiums

The Superlab is a large-scale laboratory facility that was located underneath the Lavandería Brillante industrial laundry in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Meta-Stadiums Teams Up with Breaking Bad Star Luis Moncada to Launch GTA V RP Server Based on Hit Series with a Unique Twist for the Gen Z Gaming World.

I am honored to be a part of this project and to work with Meta-Stadiums to bring Breaking Bad to the gaming world.”

— Luis Moncada, Breaking Bad Star

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2024 / — Meta-Stadiums, a leading gaming company, has announced its partnership with actor Luis Moncada, best known for his role as Marco Salamanca in the hit series Breaking Bad, to create a new GTA V RP server based on the popular show. This collaboration is set to bring an immersive and authentic experience to fans of both the game and the series.

The popular video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2013. With its open-world gameplay and immersive storylines, it has captured the attention of gamers of all ages. However, a new trend has emerged within the GTA V community – role-playing (RP) servers. These servers allow players to create their own characters and interact with others in a virtual world. One particular RP server has caught the attention of both Breaking Bad fans and Gen Z gamers, bringing these two groups together in an unexpected way.

The new GTA V RP server, titled “Breaking Point: Los Santos,” will be set in the fictional city of Los Santos, mirroring the setting of the show. Players will have the opportunity to create their own characters and interact with familiar locations and characters from the series. The server will also feature custom missions and storylines, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world of Breaking Bad.

What makes this server unique is its ability to connect two seemingly different groups – Breaking Bad fans and Gen Z gamers. The show, which aired from 2008 to 2013, has gained a cult following over the years, with many Gen Zers discovering it through streaming services. By incorporating the show into the popular game, it has created a bridge between these two groups, allowing them to come together and share their love for the show and the game.

“We are thrilled to partner with Luis Moncada to bring the world of Breaking Bad to GTA V,” said Delence A. Sheares Sr., CEO of Meta-Stadiums. “Our goal is to create a truly authentic experience for fans of the show, and we believe that Luis’s involvement will add a new level of excitement and realism to the game.”

The early success of the Breaking Point RP server has sparked interest in other series to create RP servers based on popular TV shows and movies. It has also opened up a new avenue for entertainment, where fans can immerse themselves in their favorite fictional worlds and interact with others who share the same passion. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see how these virtual communities will bring people together in unexpected ways.

In conclusion, the Breaking Point RP server on GTA V is projected to become a phenomenon, connecting Breaking Bad fans and Gen Z gamers in a virtual world. It has shown the power of gaming to bring people together and create a sense of community. As more RP servers based on popular media emerge, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay and will continue to bridge the gap between different groups of people. The deal was brokered by one of the top agents Winston Kuit of the Web3/Metaverse gaming agency U-topia.

Luis Moncada, who is also a passionate gamer, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I am honored to be a part of this project and to work with Meta-Stadiums to bring Breaking Bad to the gaming world. As a fan of both the show and GTA V, I am confident that this server will provide an unforgettable experience for players.”

The “Breaking Point: Los Santos” server is set to launch on August 30th and will be available to all GTA V players. Fans can follow Meta-Stadiums on social media for updates and sneak peeks of the server. This partnership between Meta-Stadiums and Luis Moncada is sure to be a game-changer for both the gaming and entertainment industries. You can find out more by joining the exclusive waiting list via Discord by clicking this link.

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