ORIGINALLUXURY 2nd Technology for Transparency Report, Pioneering Transparency Through Technology in the Luxury Sector

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ORIGINALLUXURY Tech Partners and Use Cases

ORIGINALLUXURY Tech Partners and Use Cases

ORIGINALLUXURY Technology For Transparency - Title Page

ORIGINALLUXURY Technology For Transparency – Title Page

ORIGINALLUXURY, by E4S, UNIL-HEC, IMD in partnership with the SCLR and OriginAll–announces the release of its 2nd Technology for Transparency Report.

At Breitling, we believe transparency is the cornerstone of trust in the luxury sector.”

— Aurelia Figueroa, Global Director of Sustainability

LAUSANNE, VAUD, SWITZERLAND, March 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — ORIGINALLUXURY, a initiative co-led by three prestigious academic institutions – E4S, UNIL-HEC, IMD in partnership with the Swiss Center for Luxury Research and OriginAll SA – proudly announces the release of its 2nd Technology for Transparency Report.

Committed to advancing transparency, innovation, and responsible practices in the luxury sector through technology, ORIGINALLUXURY is becoming a valuable networking, learning and research platform fostering industry collaborations and hosting impactful events. With now over 50 luxury brands and 16 technology providers actively participating, ORIGINALLUXURY continues to strengthen its commitment to pioneering transparency through technology in the luxury sector.

The report is made available for download at www.originalluxury.org, following ORIGINALLUXURY’s exclusive Luxury Roundtable hosted at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland on the 4th of March 2024.

Building on the success of the inaugural report in May 2023, which highlighted the contributions of 12 technology partners, this second edition unveils the collective efforts of 14 tech partners, including, among others iTraceiT, Digital Partners, ZATAP and Authentic Vision and 14 luxury brands, suppliers and contributors such as BALLY, EL-RAN, Smart Diamonds, MOVO Partners, CZI The Art of Skin, Camille Louise Jewellery and Ellyha It showcases the collaborative spirit between ORIGINALLUXURY, leading luxury brands, technology providers and suppliers that have willingly shared their insights on

transparency and traceability.

Key Highlights of the 2nd Technology for Transparency Report include:

1. Tech Partner Expansion: Featuring insights from 14 tech partners, the report demonstrates the initiative’s commitment to fostering technological advancements in transparency within the luxury sector.

2. Industry Collaboration: ORIGINALLUXURY continues to strengthen its ties with luxury brands and suppliers, showcasing a shared dedication to responsible practices and innovative solutions.

3. Research and Innovation: The report offers valuable perspectives on the challenges faced and successes achieved in adopting technology for transparency.

Professor Felicitas Morhart, Co-leader of ORIGINALLUXURY and Professor of Marketing at UNIL-HEC as well as Founder of the SCLR, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “The 2nd Technology for Transparency Report is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our members, partners, and the luxury industry as a whole. By sharing insights and best practices, we aim to inspire positive change and drive the adoption of responsible and transparent technologies.”

Margot Stuart, COO and Co-founder of OriginAll adds on: “Data is the currency of transparency, and ORIGINALLUXURY is at the forefront of unlocking its immense power. By harnessing data-driven insights, we empower luxury brands to weave a narrative of accountability, integrity, and authenticity throughout their supply chains and overall practices.”

Professor Stéphane JG Girod, Professor of Strategy and Leader of the Luxury 2050 Initiative at IMD emphasized: “Brands have started to realize that the digital revolution, issues with product authenticity and new expectations about sustainability make transparency critical for luxury brands to build trust, stay

legitimate and create value. Evolving from a culture of mystique towards more transparency is not easy. In this research we begin casting light on the types of transparency that help luxury brands create customer value».

Jean-Philippe Bonardi, Professor of Strategy at HEC/UNIL and Co-Managing Director of E4S adds “Circularity is not just a trend; it’s a commitment to sustainability. ORIGINALLUXURY champions circular practices, promoting the intertwining of transparency with the circular economy to create a harmonious ecosystem where luxury and responsibility coexist, ensuring a lasting legacy for future generations.”

“We are excited to partner with ORIGINALLUXURY to bring Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Digitalization to luxury products. As digital technology rapidly expands, consumers increasingly seek immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between the digital and real worlds. We believe in shielding customers from counterfeiting while unleashing the digital potential of physical products to enable incredible experiences of tomorrow.”- Dr. Thomas Weiss, Founder & CEO of Authentic Vision

“Bally is proud to advance the dialogue on sustainability and transparency in the luxury sector, demonstrating our commitment to responsible practices and the digital transformation of our heritage for future generations.”- Lorenzo Centi, Director of Strategic Projects, Indirect Procurement & ESG

“As proud members and contributors to Originalluxury, we showcase our phygital jewellery and technology integration, serving as a crucial lever for circularity, ownership, and narrative. Our commitment to value creation spans the entire jewellery chain, incorporating an omni-channel business-to-experience model for sustainable growth. This dedication reflects our collective pursuit of industry advancement through innovation, positive impact, and purpose.”- Aline d’Ambricourt & Camille Merré, Co-Founders Camille Louise Jewellery

“We are very honoured to be part of ORIGINALL pioneer ecosystem, fostering transparency and authenticity as cardinal values of the luxury sector to create sustainable wealth for the next generations”.- Sandra Czich, Founder & Creative Director at CZI, the Art of Skin

“Together, Ellyha, ORIGINALLUXURY and its members are poised to transform the luxury landscape. As a brand, we recognize the challenges of transparency in the luxury industry, and alongside tech partners, we synergize efforts to innovate solutions. By integrating our industry insight with the technological expertise of our partners, we forge a path towards a shared vision. Collaborative efforts will not only unravel solutions but also set a precedent for the industry—proof that a transparent, sustainable future is within our collective grasp.”- Elissa Lefoll, Founder of ELLYHA

“The luxury and particularly the diamond industry is changing forever. It’s the beginning of a new type of industry with more compliance, transparency, Traceability, origin, and ethics. Let’s embrace the change share, and collaborate, creating a better industry for generations to come.”- Eyal Atzmon founder and CEO, EL-RAN, Belgium

“ORIGINALLUXURY’s ‘Technology for Transparency’ report marks a pivotal moment in the luxury industry’s journey towards greater accountability and consumer trust. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the initiative for its dedication to transparency, a value that aligns seamlessly with iTraceiT’s mission. I am proud to affirm our commitment to support and contribute to ORIGINALLUXURY’s research initiative. Together, we clear the path forward, empowering luxury brands to meet the evolving demands of today’s conscientious consumers.”- Frederik Degryse, CEO of iTraceiT

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