Estate Planning Law Office of Jeff Condon Enhances Online Presence with Domain Name Change
Estate Planning Law Office of Jeff Condon Enhances Online Presence with Domain Name Change

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Estate Planning Law Office upgrades online presence with domain change to, enhancing visibility and search engine indexing for clients.

A Living Trust keeps your children (and your assets) from having to go through the time-consuming, burdensome and expensive probate process after you die.”

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SANTA MONICA, CA, US, March 18, 2024 / — Estate Planning Law Office of Jeff Condon, a leading legal service provider in LA, is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to its online presence with the change of its website domain from to

This strategic move is part of the Law firm commitment to providing clients with improved accessibility and a seamless online experience. The new domain,, has been carefully chosen to better reflect the firm’s identity and make it easier for clients to find and navigate the services they need.

The decision to change the domain was driven by the firm’s dedication to staying ahead in the digital landscape and ensuring that clients can easily locate and engage with the comprehensive range of legal services offered by them.

Key Benefits of the Domain Change:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The new domain,, aligns more closely with the firm’s brand, making it more memorable and recognizable for clients.

Improved Search Engine Indexing: The change is expected to optimize the firm’s visibility on search engines, making it simpler for potential clients to find and access legal services offered by the law firm.

Streamlined Navigation: The website on features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth navigation experience for clients seeking legal information and services.

“We are excited about this strategic decision to transition to This change is not just about updating our online address; it’s about enhancing the overall experience for our clients. We believe that the new domain reflects our commitment to providing accessible, top-notch legal services.”

Clients or site visitors are encouraged to update their bookmarks to the new domain, While the old domain still points to the site, we recommend to make use of the new one to avoid any linking issues.

About Estate Planning Law Office of Jeff Condon

This law firm is a leading legal service provider based in Santa Monica, CA, specializing in estate planning law, trust administration and probate.

Mr. Jeffrey Condon is a renowned estate planning attorney and author of two books dedicated to inheritance planning. The office is committed to excellence and personalized legal solutions delivering high-quality estate planning services across a wide range of practice areas.

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