Panama Pacific International Exposition Invites Trustees: Closing of Trustee Meeting and Japan Working Session

OSAKA, OSAKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN, May 10, 2024 / — Embracing the spirit of the PPIE era, this event focuses on the past, present, and future, intersecting history with modernity to promote sustainable development. The Panama Pacific International Exposition Society, Panama Canal Historical Society, Panama Pacific International Exposition Committee, and Panama Pacific International Exposition Association invite more organizations, businesses, and individuals to become members, trustees, and chairing members. Collaboratively, this aims to garner more resource support and expertise, assisting organizations in effectively fulfilling their missions.

By expanding their cooperation network and establishing connections with more stakeholders, these bodies promote cooperation, communication, and joint action. The global (Japan) academic working session concluded on April 18, 2024.

Joining as a trustee and chairing member is crucial for businesses. Firstly, it signifies a business’s endorsement of the mission and values of this international NGO and their willingness to cooperate towards achieving shared goals. Secondly, as a trustee or chairing member, businesses have the opportunity to participate in shaping the organization’s policies and directions, thereby exerting greater influence in health, international exchange, climate environmental protection, and sustainable development. Additionally, membership helps establish a positive social image for the business, highlighting their commitment to social responsibility and enhancing brand reputation and status.

As a company with international influence, Tiens Group actively participated in the registration process, demonstrating their commitment to global events and issues. Tiens Group consistently engages in and supports international activities, showing its global responsibility and commitment. This active participation not only enhances Tiens Group’s international image but also establishes a favorable corporate image globally.

California Panama Pacific International Exposition Society & Hong Kong Panama Pacific International Exposition Association Board Bylaws (Simplified Version)

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1

The California Panama Pacific International Exposition Society and the Hong Kong Panama Pacific International Exposition Association, as esteemed international third-party non-profit organizations (NGO, NPO), adhere to the mission of “Empowering Businesses, Focusing on the Past, Present, and Future” to enhance corporate brand image and value, thereby increasing brand recognition and reputation in the market, wholeheartedly infusing the market with vitality.

Chapter 2: Goals and Missions

Article 2

The Board carries the unshirkable responsibility of achieving business performance growth for its member enterprises. For this purpose, the Board will vigorously build a distinctive and efficient empowering collective of board units.

Article 3

The Board firmly adheres to international laws, domestic laws and regulations of the host countries, and relevant policies, and upholds social morals. With a spirit of sincere cooperation and service first, the Board will spare no effort to provide its members with opportunities and platforms for learning, strategic cooperation, and promote win-win cooperation among members.

Chapter 3: Membership and Organizational Structure

Article 4

Any institution, research organization, science park, enterprise, etc., that acknowledges and complies with these bylaws, and can earnestly fulfill its promised duties, is eligible to apply for membership. While applying for membership, a senior manager should be designated for the corresponding position.

Article 5

The Board’s members primarily include government officials, professional experts, scholars, business leaders, and technical experts. The Board has an honorary chairman, a chairman, a secretary-general, several vice-chairmen, executive directors, and directors. The Board also establishes a secretariat responsible for handling the daily affairs of the Board.

Chapter 4: Joining and Leaving

Article 6

The Board adheres to the principle of voluntary membership and free withdrawal. When applying, one must fill in the “Membership Registration Form”, and after it is signed and sealed by a representative, it is to be sent to the secretariat via email, along with the payment of the specified membership fee. Once the Board approves, after completing the necessary procedures, the applicant institution formally becomes a board member, enjoying corresponding rights. If choosing to withdraw, a member must submit a written request and return the issued certificate, which will be considered an automatic withdrawal. If a board member commits serious illegal or disciplinary violations, or fails to fulfill its duties, the Board has the right to request their withdrawal.

Article 7

The term of board membership is one year, calculated from the day the board qualifications are officially obtained. Upon expiration, members automatically leave but have the right to reapply and pay a fee to extend their membership. The Board should hold at least one annual meeting per term to report on work and summarize. In special circumstances, meetings can also be conducted through correspondence.

Chapter 5: Rights and Duties

Article 8: Rights of Board Units

1.Board units will receive a plaque issued by the Board, and the main responsible person will receive a corresponding letter of appointment.
2.New board units will be introduced through at least 400 global mainstream media outlets (including Chinese media), in the form of a news report (1000 to 2500 words, 3 pictures).
3.Assistance with product certification.
4.Providing services such as achievement evaluation, project assessment, expert consultation, and advice.
5.Assisting in applying for various awards, including the Panama Pacific International Exposition Gold Medal and Recommended Product Awards.

Chapter 6: Rights and Duties

Article 9: Rights of Chairman Units

1.Chairman units will receive an exclusive plaque issued by the Board, and the main responsible person will also be awarded a corresponding letter of appointment.
2.Newly joined chairman units will be introduced through at least 400 global and Chinese mainstream media outlets (including Chinese media), (approximately 1000 to 2500 words, 3 pictures).
3.Official website will display information about chairman units, and offer a one-year link exchange service.
4.Assistance with product certification work.
5.Assistance in carrying out professional services such as achievement appraisal, project assessment, and expert consultation.
6.Assistance in applying for various awards, including the Panama Pacific International Exposition Gold Medal and Recommended Product Awards.
7.Invited to participate in various events organized by NGO organizations, including investment summits, investment inspections, project dialogues, technology promotions, seminars, exhibitions, training sessions, high-end CEO salons, forums, etc.
8.Invited for special interviews, with the content potentially given priority for publication on the official website and global mainstream media.
9.Inviting relevant government officials, academicians, experts, scholars, etc., to conduct on-site visits to enterprises and provide development suggestions.
10.Legal advisory teams will provide free legal consultation services, helping enterprises solve problems and safeguard their legal rights.
13.Participating in Board meetings, supervising the execution of Board resolutions by the secretariat, and exercising voting rights, re-election rights, and decision-making rights.
14. Regularly receiving important information or policy updates relevant to the industry.

Note: In addition to the above rights, executive directors and vice-chairmen units may also enjoy additional services, which will be tailored according to the needs of the enterprises.

Article 10: Duties of Board Units

1. Comply with international law and relevant national laws and regulations of the host country as well as the Board’s bylaws, and diligently perform the related duties of the board units.
2. Maintain the legal rights of the Board, actively reflect the needs of all sectors, and provide suggestions for the publication’s development.
3. Dispatch a staff member to serve as a liaison officer.
4. Actively participate in various activities organized by NGO organizations, and provide timely and accurate information about the enterprise.
5. Pay membership fees on time and in full.

Chapter 7: Funds and Management

Article 11: The Board’s sources of funding mainly include: government or supervisory department funding, social donations, revenues from conducting scientific consulting, training activities, membership fees paid by board units, bank deposit interest, and other lawful income.

Article 12: All funds of the Board are managed under a strict financial management system, mainly used for: organizing various seminars or training activities, supporting business consulting and publicity activities, holding Board annual meetings, enhancing media quality, increasing office facilities and equipment, and other expenditures of the Board’s administrative organizations.

Chapter 8: Supplementary Provisions

Article 13: These bylaws will take effect from November 1, 2024.

Article 14: The ultimate authority to amend and interpret these bylaws belongs to the California Panama Pacific International Exposition Society & Hong Kong Panama Pacific International Exposition Association.

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