The ‘Cloud SIM’ App Mobile Number Can Be Used To Register With WhatsApp Business Now On Your Existing Mobile Phone

‘Cloud SIM App allows users to create a new number for WhatsApp Business registration and validation, without the need for a new contract or second phone’

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 6, 2023/ — Whilst the launch of Meta’s new WhatsApp Business directory has provided yet another challenge to the google dominated online advertising space, the latest feature from the UK’s most popular messaging service has also created a significant revenue opportunity for businesses willing to engage with potential customers directly across the messaging platform. However, one major challenge exists for most businesses – WhatsApp’s business verification only works with a mobile number not yet registered with the platform. This means for anybody wanting to register with WhatsApp Business, a new number is essential.

As many business owners will attest, a clear divide between personal and business lives is critical and many owners face the problem of multiple phones, several mobile contracts and having to pay increased costs simply stay connected. The New WhatsApp Business directory is no exception to the rule, requiring a new number not previously registered with WhatsApp, in order for businesses to communicate with customers directly – complete with a second mobile phone or device.

However, UK based communication brand ‘Cloud SIM App’ is providing businesses with a tech-savvy, low cost and effective solution, which allows users to keep their existing number and create a second, fully functional mobile number through the Cloud SIM App – meaning both numbers can be managed separately on the same handset or device.

Cloud SIM App’s founder Saran Sathiyadurai commented: “By downloading the Cloud SIM App, our users can create an additional mobile number, which can then be used to register for WhatsApp Business and receive the OTP verification code. This will mean business owners can manage their WhatsApp customer messaging directly from their personal phones, without having to purchase a second mobile contract and handset.”

Mr Sathiyadurai continued: “Purchasing additional business contracts for mobiles and new numbers can be expensive, time-consuming and problematic. The Cloud SIM App avoids the need for any additional expenditure, as it’s free to download and our additional numbers are significantly cheaper than any contracts available from UK network providers.”

‘Cloud SIM App’ is a free to download service which allows users to create up to 4 additional fully functional mobile numbers, each which can be used for calls, messages and even have their own voicemails. Additional numbers are priced at £3.99 per month with discounts for longer terms. There are no contracts and there’s no need to change SIM cards or switch network providers. Running up to 4 numbers from within the Cloud SIM App allows users to have separate numbers for different purposes, such as business, dating, family or simply for enhanced privacy reasons.

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About Cloud SIM App:

‘Cloud SIM’ is a mobile network integrated into an app that’s suitable for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to have up to four additional UK numbers linked to a single mobile phone, making managing several numbers quick and easy – whether for business, social or privacy reasons. Cloud SIM App also offers the cheapest rates available in the UK.

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