Six UPG Sustainability Leaders from Latin America compete for votes to reach Hurricane Island, USA

#UPGSustainability Leaders

#UPGSustainability Leaders

Vote Now and Choose Your Champion!

UPG Sustainability Leaders from across Latin America compete for your vote to win a place on the Journey To Hurricane Island (USA). Voters will win prizes!

Latin America has exciting UPG Sustainability Leaders and each of them deserves to win. Please learn about their actions and dreams. Then please vote”

— Yemi Babington- Ashaye. President, United People Global

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, January 31, 2024 / — Six #UPGSustainability leaders from Latin America have been nominated to compete for the #JourneyToHurricane campaign for a 1- week leadership training in Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership in USA. Members of the public are voting in the thousands to determine which Leaders will win the coveted spots. Voters will win prizes!
These six Nominees come from various parts of the Latin America region, are diverse in their backgrounds and their dreams and they are united by the separate actions and projects that they are doing to create a better and more sustainable world. They share their stories via text and videos that can be viewed on the campaign site: In addition, there are regular Instagram LIVE sessions where voters can interact with each Nominee.
Meet the #UPGSustainability Leaders from Latin America who are participating in the campaign.

Meet Eduardo Caballero is a #UPG Sustainability leader, from Mexico and is a Biotechnology Engineer by profession. He has been doing research and working for 5 years on a technology to bioremediate eutrophication from the main water reservoirs in Mexico. He is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what he has to say:

Meet Jesus David Moreno #UPGSustainability Leader based in Latin America, Colombia. He want to make a big difference in this campaign to increase awareness and positive leadership on sustainability, empowering the younger generation because they can play a much bigger and more critical role in the Globe. Especially with the SDG 17 “Partnership for the Goals”. He is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what he has to say:

Meet Yuri Omar, is a #UPGSustainability leader who hails from Brazil. He aligns his efforts with SDG 11. As the creator of the ‘Sustained by Sustainability’ project, Yuri established a sustainable cycle within a public school environment, fostering eco-friendly practices and environmental awareness.” He is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what he has to say:

Meet Gretta is a #UPG Sustainability leader from Peru. One of her main goals that she pursues with the development of technology is to enable clean water for everyone and sanitation in water bodies for human consumption and ecosystem preservation. Along with this, she also aims to impact on the 8th and 12th SDGs as the implementation of this technology will create decent work and economic growth for the local community, as well as the production of sustainable products that will be available for the same community to sell, creating a complete system of circular economy. She is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what she has to say:

Meet Laura Andrea Saldarriaga, #UPG Sustainability Leader for 2023, hailing from Medellin, Colombia. As an environmental engineer, she is deeply passionate about knowledge, science, technology, and innovation. Her project is on mapping territorial capabilities for agroecological production processes, she aims to raise awareness regarding the significance of agroecology as a clean production method. She is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what she has to say:

Meet Lucila Martelli #UPGSustainability Leader is a young environmental professional from Argentina. She is passionate about sustainability and climate and has worked on many different projects related to the environment, climate and sustainability for more than 5 years, collaborating with a diverse range of organizations. Her project as an UPG Sustainability Leader targets SDGs 4 (Quality Education), 13 (Climate Action), 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) and 17 (Partnerships), since she believes education is key to raise awareness and we need to work together to promote the necessary changes and create a more sustainable and inclusive world. She is campaigning to #JourneyToHurricane, Listen to what she has to say:

Voters from each region are making their voices heard before the polls close at midnight CET on Sunday, 4 February 2024. Voters are eligible to win 36 prizes (outlined below) and all they have to do is to vote.

The winning Leaders are unveiled at an upcoming #UPGSustainability Journey event taking place on Friday, 9 February 2024. At this event, the winners of the 36 prizes are also announced from the voting register. To attend, participants may RSVP here:


“Latin America has exciting UPG Sustainability Leaders and each of them deserves to win. Please learn about their actions and dreams. Then please vote!” said, Yemi Babington- Ashaye. President, United People Global


Over 13000+ people have applied to be part of the Class of 2024 of UPG Sustainability Leadership. From the Class of 2023, 562 UPG Sustainability Leaders from across 100+ countries were trained and certified as part of UPG Sustainability Leadership. They completed an intensive 9-week training to become ambassadors for positive citizen leadership on sustainability. They are now active and leading local projects in their communities. Since 2019 they have directly trained over 42000+ citizens across all world regions (and counting) on how to make the world better through positive actions and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


Each year, selected groups are chosen for an additional, in-person training on Hurricane Island in the USA. This training is a fully-funded experience that is designed to strengthen each leader for the work they are doing in their communities. And so this week people from around the world are currently voting to select which of the 36 Nominees will be amongst the chosen ones. Voting is open until Midnight CET on Sunday, 4 February 2023.


Voters for the Journey to Hurricane campaign stand a chance to win amazing prizes: 36 incredible prizes!


2x – Voter(s) will receive a CASH jackpot of USD 100

7x – ONE voter from each region will receive a Golden Ticket for UPG Sustainability Leadership that they can use or give to someone that they care about

7x – ONE voter from each region will receive a Supporter Raffle ticket (can win $250 CASH and more).

2x – UPG Swag Kit 1: T-Shirt, Bag, A6 Notebook, Pen, Keyholder, Lanyard

2x – UPG pays a donation to a charity that you choose when you Make A Goodwill Vow. Up to USD 50 for each Goodwill Vow

7x – ONE voter from each region will receive UPG Champion status in 2024 – paid for by UPG

4x – Spotlight: Feature on UPG social media – a post celebrating YOU!

3x – Feature an organisation that you nominate on UPG social media

2x – Be featured at an upcoming session of United Voices: What’s Going On?


In addition to these prizes, everyone can win additional prizes by demonstrating their knowledge of the Leaders from each region. These prizes are managed separately and determined through a seven fun games focused on each region. To participate, RSVP here:


“The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership is proud to partner with United People Global. We are eager to bring these UPG Sustainability Leaders to Hurricane Island to further their development and to build a rich network of leaders who learn from and depend on each other,” said Bo Hoppin, Executive Director at the Hurricane Island Center for Leadership and Science.


UPG Sustainability Leadership is the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability leadership training for young adults. It is a free programme that mobilises people and organisations to support positive citizen leadership on sustainability. This training is possible because of the support of UPG’s partners and collaborators, especially the author and philanthropist, Late Rosamund Zander. To learn more about UPG Sustainability Leadership visit this link:


Since 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has been part of the planning process at every step. And very strict measures are in place to ensure the safe travel and stay of the leaders on Hurricane Island as well as the safety of everyone directly or indirectly involved. These measures include vaccination and testing requirements at key moments throughout this period. These safety and hygiene measures are constantly under review as the pandemic continues to evolve – and the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control in the USA, as well as the local requirements in the US State of Maine are constantly monitored and respected.


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Meet the Nominees of #JourneyToHurricane

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