Running 4,000 kilometers in just two months, Wataru reached the U.S. mainland from the Arctic Circle! 
Running 4,000 kilometers in just two months, Wataru reached the U.S. mainland from the Arctic Circle! 

Wararu runs into US again

Wataru is happy to visit towns in south Canada

Happy running in Canada

Connecting People on his Trans Atlas Running Adventure Across North America

SEATLLE, WA, USA, August 29, 2023/ — The ultra-runner, Wataru Iino, sponsored by Lucent Corporation entered the USA from Canada on August 24 as a part of his “Trans Atlas Running” project, which involves running across five continents on foot. Wataru has consistently run almost daily for about two months, surpassing a total distance of 4,000km.

“Trans Atlas Running” is a project where the aim is to traverse 100,000km across the five major continents solely on foot. The kick-off phase is the North American crossing, stretching approximately 16,000km from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the Panama Canal.

Having departed from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, USA, on June 7th, Wataru took on one of the world’s most challenging roads, the “Dalton Highway”, heading south. He covered the 666km of the Dalton Highway in just ten days. Subsequent to that, he passed through cities like Fairbanks and Tok before entering Canada. He continued running smoothly, breaking the 2,000km mark in 33 days. After his entry into Canada, he traveled south through Yukon Territory and British Columbia, surpassing 4,000km in 68 days. Iino then reached the US border via one of America’s top three trails, the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), and entered the US on foot. He will now head south through the USA, pass through Central America, and aim for the Panama Canal.

Wataru said, “I had harsh experiences, such as being gusty cold in the freezer, scorching heat that made my memory fly, and being chased by hordes of mosquitoes and even bears.

On the other hand, there were many wonderful encounters that left a strong impression on me, such as when a passing local gave me jars of king salmon, berry jam, bear jerky, etc., even though he did not know me, and even let me stay overnight.

Finally, I am entering the mainland United States. Once in the U.S., I am currently considering whether to run the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), one of the three major trails in the U.S. and a nature trail all the way to the Mexican border, or to just run on the road to get in touch with people. I will be posting updates and footage of my journey on social media, so please stay tuned. Your opinions could influence me to take a detour of several hundred kilometers!”

<About Trans Atlas Running>

Trans Atlas Running is a project where ultra-runner Wataru Iino aims to run across all five continents solely on foot. The project encapsulates Iino’s desire to “take on adventures no one else can, challenge human limits, and share the views experienced by running with many people.”

The progress of the project is primarily shared via the official Instagram and other social media platforms. Additionally, GPS tracking is made public on the website, which has led many people to visit Iino during his journey. Beyond that, he has also received support from individuals who have coincidentally crossed paths with him or passed him in cars. These supporters often provide encouraging words, as well as essential supplies like food and water. Sometimes, they even offer him a place to stay. Crowdfunding has also been initiated, gaining support from many people. Iino has mentioned that he aims to “connect people through running,” and he is indeed embodying this philosophy as he continues his run.

Trans Atlas Running plans to cover the continents of South America, Africa, Eurasia, and Australia next, with the entire project expected to conclude in 2028.

<Profile of Wataru Iino>

An ultrarunner who continues to take on the challenge of extreme long-distance running on the world stage. He is a unique runner in that he started running as a working adult. While stationed in Germany as an automobile design engineer, he began training in earnest and felt the joy of running in a rich natural environment, which led him to become an athlete. He has achieved brilliant results mainly in ultra races overseas, and has been the world’s number one runner many times. He is one of Japan’s leading athletes who has attracted the attention of many media outlets.

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