Pilot Light Records Present The Grab Brothers: New Album and Behind the Scenes Video
Pilot Light Records Present The Grab Brothers: New Album and Behind the Scenes Video

Grab Brothers Self-Titled Album 2023

The Grab Brothers performing at the Music Room in Cape Cod, MA

The Grab Brothers at the Music Room in Cape Cod, MA

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Pilot Light Records of Norwalk, CT

The Grab Brothers, a musical group based in Cape Cod, MA, has released its self-titled album and a “behind the scenes” video highlighting the band’s story.

Performing live and making new friends wherever we go is what the Grab Brothers are all about.”

— Larry Grab

CAPE COD, MA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Larry and Marc Grab are musical brothers who many believe to be twins, due to their unique, shaggy look, and their overall closeness as brothers and bandmates. Originally from Boston, MA, the duo were drawn to the close knit community of Cape Cod, MA, which they made their year round home. It was in Cape Cod that they formed The Grab Brothers, a rock band with a passionate and growing fan base.

“We found a thriving music scene in Cape Cod, and all through Barnstable County, MA, that really embraced us,” said Larry Grab.

Finding their way to the Music Room, a popular Cape Cod music venue and recording studio, The Grab Brothers worked with Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer Paul Nelson to record its recently released self-titled album. Nelson, who is best known for his work with blues legend Johnny Winter, helped Mark and Larry choose their best songs for the album. By all accounts, this was no easy feat.

“Many people call us a writing machine, and I hope that never changes. My brother and I have over two hundred original songs,” said Marc Grab.

‘We never stop writing, no matter what we do or where we go. We can see the strangest things, and it becomes a song just like that,” said Larry Grab.

The album, which was released by Pilot Light Records on March 24, 2023, consists of twelve original songs, including “Without You,” the song which caught the attention of Pilot Light Records executives. Pilot Light signed a deal with the Grab Brothers in 2023, and has distributed their album to worldwide streaming platforms.

“Without You” is also featured in a “Behind the Scenes” EPK Video (Electronic Press Kit) streaming on the band’s YouTube channel. The insightful video shows scenes of the Grab Brothers performing, working in the recording studio, and speaking about their background, history, and creative process. It was produced by Factory Underground Studio, a multi-media recording and production company in Norwalk, CT, the parent company to Pilot Light Records. The Grab Brothers video is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/wob0xUGuNM0

“We originally saw Larry Grab’s comical music video for his song “Where’s the Relish,” featuring sock puppets that resemble the two brothers. We loved that video, and we were not surprised to learn that it was one of their most requested songs,” said Marc Alan, Director of Marketing for Pilot Light Records.

“Yet when we heard their new record, we were struck by it being a more serious rock record. It’s a record with emotional depth, sonic diversity, and well-authored lyrics. The album shows that the musical brothers are not only well-crafted songwriters, but accomplished musicians as well,” he said.

“We quickly realized this album was as far from a rehash of “Where’s the Relish” as it could be, and these two serious musicians were not the ‘human sock puppets’ we half-expected them to be. This actually made us take a more serious look at the band,” said Alan.

Next up for the Grab Brothers will be taking their show on the road, as well as completing several music videos, including one for “Without You.”

“I can’t wait to take these songs on the road, and perform them live for our fans. Performing our songs is the musical bond that my brother and I share as the Grab Brothers, “ said Marc Grab.

“Performing live and making new friends wherever we go is what the Grab Brothers are all about,” said Larry Grab.

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Grab Brothers – Official EPK Video (Pilot Light Records)

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