Pilonidal Cyst Laser Treatment: Revolutionary In-Office Pilonidal Laser Treatment by Dr. Kamrava, the Pilonidal Expert

Pilonidal Expert

Pilonidal Expert - Dr. Kamrava

Pilonidal Expert – Dr. Kamrava

Dr. Kamrava, a pioneer in innovative medical procedures introduced a groundbreaking office-based technique for pilonidal disease without the need for anesthesia

I never imagined a solution could be this effective and easy to recover from.”

— Dr. Kamrava Patient

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, December 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Allen Kamrava, a pioneer in innovative medical procedures, has introduced a groundbreaking office-based technique for treating pilonidal disease without the need for anesthesia, setting a new benchmark for in-office based procedures. Patients have praised this innovative pilonidal cyst laser treatment procedure widely, which has revolutionized the way this typically crippling ailment is managed.

Pilonidal illness, which is characterized by excruciating cysts or abscesses close to the tailbone, until recently, has been treated traditionally with invasive procedures under general anesthesia, costly fees to surgical centers, and drawn-out recovery periods. Dr. Kamrava’s pioneering technique utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology, administered in-office, eliminating the necessity for general anesthesia and drastically reducing recovery periods.

Patients who have undergone this specific pilonidal cyst laser treatment procedure have reported minimal discomfort and swift recovery, allowing them to resume their daily activities promptly. The technique’s success lies not only in its efficacy but also in its patient-centered approach, prioritizing comfort and convenience without compromising on quality or outcomes.

“I am thrilled to offer patients a minimally invasive, office-based solution to a condition that has caused distress for so many,” said Dr. Kamrava. “The positive feedback and improved quality of life reported by patients reaffirm the significance of this pilonidal cyst laser treatment technique and motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of medical innovation.”

Success stories with the procedure attest to its effectiveness, with patients expressing gratitude for their increased quality of life and newfound alleviation. Patients have reported playing a full round of 18 holes of golf the very next day, to playing in a professional volleyball game within 48 hours of treatment. A patient said, “I never imagined a solution could be this effective and easy to recover from. I had a prior surgery – it was a miserable recovery – and the cyst still recurred. Dr. Kamrava’s technique worked – and even if it hadn’t, was so easy, that I would not have regretted doing it and would have tried it again, when compared to what I went through with my original surgery.”

Dr. Kamrava’s commitment to advancing medical practices and enhancing patient care has positioned his innovative pilonidal cyst laser treatment as a new practice paradigm for individuals grappling with pilonidal disease.

For more information, interviews, or media queries, please get in touch with the Pilonidal Expert. When it comes to treating colorectal conditions, few surgeons are as experienced or as dedicated to their craft as Dr. Allen Kamrava. Fellowship-trained and Board-certified in Colon and Rectal Surgery and General Surgery, Dr. Kamrava has years of experience treating various colorectal conditions, including colon cancer, anal fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, and more, providing patients with compassionate care and life-changing results. Along with his intensive experience in the colorectal field, he is an associate teaching faculty in the Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, which in 2022 US News ranked as the number one center in California for Colon and rectal Surgery, and ranked second in the nation. Schedule an appointment today by calling (310) 439-9914.

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