OKRify Improves Sales Performance Management in Salesforce with New Product Release
OKRify Improves Sales Performance Management in Salesforce with New Product Release

OKRify’s latest update enhances Salesforce Sales Performance with new Boards, improved OKRs, Scorecard, Contest, and Meeting features.

NEW YORK, NY, US, June 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — OKRify, a prominent Sales Performance and OKR/Goal management application for Salesforce, has released a major update featuring numerous enhancements and advanced tools. This update provides Sales leaders with additional resources to set targets, motivate, and coach their teams effectively.

The June 24 release introduces Boards for streamlined work management, along with notable improvements to the OKRs, Scorecard, Contest, and Meetings functionalities.

Boards are designed to be simple, user-friendly, and highly adaptable for various use cases such as sales onboarding and project management. This new feature enhances OKRify’s capabilities as a comprehensive goal and project management tool. Users can now organize tasks into customizable groups for easy tracking and progress updates, utilize multiple board types (including individual, team, employee for manager-assigned tasks, and coaching with rating capabilities), set task dependencies for smooth project flow, visualize tasks on a Gantt chart for clear timeline alignment, save frequently used boards as templates for quick project setup, and manage user permissions for detailed control over board access.

OKRify’s Sales Gamification features have been further refined with improvements to the Scorecard and Contest functionalities. The Scorecard now allows tracking team performance with leaderboards across multiple KPIs, and includes new features such as currency support, annual values for monthly and quarterly scorecards, user history for viewing individual and team performance trends, manager-only setup and preview options, indicators for decreasing KPI values, and background KPI updates. The Contest functionality now includes a dedicated Contest Hub for both users and managers, currency support, manager-only setup and preview options, customizable prize-winning colors on the leaderboard, optional restriction of leaderboard visibility to top users, and configurable contest notifications for various events and custom messages.

Enhanced collaboration and communication features include OKR Comments, which encourage discussions directly within each Objective with mentions and Salesforce Bell notifications to keep everyone informed, and Meeting Enhancements, which automatically populate Salesforce Object sections within meetings based on filters, ensuring all relevant information is readily available for productive discussions.

Additionally, a Performance Grid is coming soon. This native Salesforce feature will provide a visual representation of your team’s performance using real-time data to categorize staff based on activities and outcomes.

The OKRify June 24 release aims to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and help achieve ambitious goals more efficiently.

About OKRify

OKRify is a leading goal management and strategy execution application built for Salesforce. The platform enables organizations to set clear objectives, track progress with real-time data, and achieve ambitious results. With OKRify, businesses can align individual and team goals with company-wide strategy, driving performance and fostering a culture of ownership and accountability. Contact: [email protected]

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OKRify Board – Work Manager Feature

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