Mitzi Mensch Showcases Captivating Collection of Personal Narratives and Novels

Books by Mitzi Mensch

Books by Mitzi Mensch (2)

Mitzi Mensch presents her unique ability to blend personal experience with universal themes of love, health, and self-discovery in her five published books.

Mitzi Mensch’s works are characterized by their deep personal insights and engaging narratives.”

— Explora Books

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 31, 2024 / — Rising Author Mitzi Mensch presents her five deeply personal and engaging books, guaranteed to bring amazement, inspiration, and motivation to all book readers, including her memoir, ‘The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know and Won‘t Bother to Find Out’. This memoir, along with her previous works—‘Goldie, My First Love’, ‘Goldie, My Last Love’, ’From Then to Now’, and ‘Return Receipt Requested’, — promise to captivate and inspire, offering readers a window into the delicate journey of life, love, and health.

In her memoir, ‘The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know and Won’t Bother to Find Out’, Mitzi narrates her tormenting journey through mysterious neurological symptoms and the pursuit of medical answers, all while exploring the rekindling of an old flame. At 66, Mitzi enjoys an active lifestyle in Hawaii, committed to health and wellness. Her life is paradoxically marked by persistent, unexplained symptoms and a single indulgence in Diet Coke.

Mitzi’s ordeal begins in 1999, when strange nightly vocalizations and violent motor movements disrupt her life. Misdiagnosed by psychiatric care, her condition worsens under antipsychotic medications, leading to severe side effects and emotional numbing. In 2010, a reunion with her first love, Goldie, after nearly five decades, brings both joy and new challenges as she contracts a weakening virus from their kisses.

Her memoir is not just about her medical struggles; it’s a witness to resilience and the human spirit. Mitzi openly shares her personal story, emphasizing her lack of medical training but offering a touching account of her experiences. The book encourages readers to think critically about the convergence of medical science and individual experience, urging them to recognize the unique nature of each person’s health journey.

The duology of ‘Goldie, My First Love’ and ‘Goldie, My Last Love’ narrates Mitzi and Goldie’s enduring bond. Beginning with their teenage romance in 1962 and rekindling in 2010, their story captures the difficulties of love across decades. Their reunion in San Francisco and subsequent struggles highlight the enduring power of love, even in the face of illness and life’s unpredictabilities.

Her book ‘Return Receipt Requested’, published last 2016, follows Madeline, a woman facing a terminal melanoma diagnosis. As she faces her mortality, Madeline’s pursuit for lasting love leads her to reach out to past lovers, challenging her usual pattern of avoiding commitment. Her letters to each man reveal her longing for connection in her final days, making this a moving journey of love, regret, and the human desire for meaningful companionship.

‘In From Then to Now’ published in the same year, Mitzi presents a novel within a novel, exploring the connecting stories of Maggie and her daughter Andrea. Maggie’s decision to document her past, including infidelities and family secrets, sets off a chain of events that reveal hidden truths and reshape relationships. Spanning six decades, the novel explores personal and societal changes, illustrating the impact of history on personal growth and understanding.

Mitzi Mensch’s works are characterized by their deep personal insights and engaging narratives. Her books span various genres, including memoir and fiction, all unified by themes of love, health, and personal growth.

Her books are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading digital bookstores worldwide. Each book offers a blend of heartfelt storytelling and profound insights, inviting readers to reflect on their own lives and experiences. (

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AUTHOR HIGHLIGHT: Mitzi Mensch Showcases Captivating Collection of Personal Narratives and Novels

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