Let’s Talk With Dr. Inna Lazar, One of “America’s Best Eye Doctors”, With Offices in Greenwich & Darien, Connecticut

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We are honored to speak today with Dr. Inna Lazar, one of “America’s Best Eye Doctors”, as compiled by Newsweek !”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

DARIEN, CONNECTICUT, USA, January 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Let’s Talk Publisher: Thank you for joining us today Dr. Lazar. It’s an honor to speak with one of “America’s Best Eye Doctors” as compiled by Newsweek (https://www.newsweek.com/rankings/americas-best-eye-doctors-2022/optometrists). We understand that you opened Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich, CT, in 2017 and more recently opened another office, Pro Eye Care, in Darien, CT. Please share with us what motivated you to start your own practice.

Dr. Inna Lazar: Thank you so much for having me; it’s a great honor. After moving to Connecticut and working in various practices—private, commercial, and refractive surgery—I quickly realized that two crucial aspects of eye care were either missing or not as well addressed as they should be: dry eye disease diagnosis and treatment and myopia management. Indeed, you could find providers who would address these issues, but it was not their primary focus. This realization led me to open my own practice, where I could fully dedicate myself to these two areas. My goal was to become an expert, devoting 100% of my time and effort to dry eye disease and pediatric myopia management.

Publisher: May we have an overview of the Conditions Treated (https://www.drinnalazar.com/conditions-treated) at your offices?

Dr. Inna Lazar: We are a comprehensive primary eye care practice with a specialized focus on diagnosing and treating dry eye disease, as well as managing pediatric myopia. Our clinic leverages the latest technology to accurately diagnose and effectively treat dry eye, a condition currently affecting an estimated 20 million Americans, though we believe the actual numbers may be significantly higher.

Additionally, we provide targeted care for children diagnosed with myopia, particularly those showing signs of progression. By utilizing advanced technology, we diagnose ocular misalignments, thereby aiding patients who suffer from related headaches, neck pain, and eye discomfort. We use over ten billion data points, with each patient contributing 10,000 individual data points, to continuously refine our algorithm through machine learning.

Beyond these specialized services, our practice is also equipped to diagnose and treat various eye diseases, including glaucoma and macular degeneration. Our commitment to employing cutting-edge technology and providing personalized care positions us at the forefront of eye health management.

Publisher: One will read on your site about the investigative and diagnostic capabilities you provide and this is quite compelling…


From eye strain to double vision, the job of an optometrist to weigh the possibilities and rule out causes one by one. Your four-year old’s eyes will be very different from your teenager’s, so you’ll need a pediatric eye care doctor who understands each developmental stage and its characteristics. The right optometrist will be able to ask questions to really find out what’s going on with someone’s eyes. Getting a child to articulate their eyesight problems isn’t easy, but our doctors and staff are here to help.

Care to elaborate?

Dr. Inna Lazar: Diagnosing eye issues, especially in children, is a complex task that requires a careful and systematic approach. Effective communication is a key aspect of our approach, especially with younger patients who may find it challenging to express their vision problems. Our team combines observational skills, child-friendly communication techniques, and specialized diagnostic tools to accurately assess and understand their visual experiences.

This ability to connect with our young patients and make them feel comfortable and understood is essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our comprehensive knowledge and exceptional communication skills position us as specialists in pediatric eye care, making us the trusted choice for your child’s eye health needs.

Publisher: Your team (https://www.drinnalazar.com/meet-the-optometrist) is also quite impressive. Please tell us more.

Dr. Inna Lazar: I am truly honored to be working alongside this extraordinary all-female team, each member bringing unique expertise and a rich background in eye health. Leading the team is Dr. Lechansky, a seasoned specialist in glaucoma and macular degeneration, whose expertise extends to primary care, enhancing our patient services significantly. Joining her is Dr. Sasha Patel, our latest addition, who brings her passion for primary and preventative eye care from Florida, a testament to our practice’s growing prestige in attracting top-tier talent.

Equally impressive is Dr. Danielle Polvanov, who practices closely in our dry eye clinic. Her dedication shines through her daily commute from New York, underscoring her commitment to our patients and the practice’s growth. Together, this formidable team positions our practice at the forefront of eye care, combining specialized skills with a personal approach that sets a new standard in patient care.

Publisher: The testimonials on your site from happy patients speak volumes about your services, capabilities, the high-level of care, and the positive results that you provide. Without naming any patients, of course, would you like to mention any particular success stories?

Dr. Inna Lazar: Absolutely; we cater to a diverse range of patients who discover our practice through various channels, including word of mouth and referrals from other medical professionals, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. We also attract patients who find us on social media and travel significant distances to receive our care. A notable group among our patients are those who struggle with severe eye dryness, which hampers their ability to perform at work effectively. With our variety of treatments, we have been successful in not only properly diagnosing but also treating these cases. Our patients not only feel better but also experience a visible improvement in their appearance. They no longer have to constantly rely on eye whitening drops to look presentable and avoid the appearance of being sick with red eyes all the time. It is immensely rewarding to hear that we have been able to significantly improve their quality of life.

Publisher: Dr. Lazar, what would you like potential new patients to know about the Eyecare Services (https://www.drinnalazar.com/eyecare-services) and Family Eyecare (https://www.drinnalazar.com/family-eyecare) services you provide?

Dr. Inna Lazar: At our practice, we recognize that your well-being is deeply intertwined with clear, healthy, youthful eyes and the confidence that springs from self-expression. Rooted in this community, our mission is to empower you to embrace life’s experiences with

unmatched clarity, vibrant vision, and radiant confidence.

Eye health is pivotal to your overall wellness. Our innovative and comprehensive eye care safeguards your sight and eye health at every life stage. This includes adult and pediatric exams, contact lens fitting, myopia management, and pioneering dropless dry eye treatments. Furthermore, we cater to your active lifestyle with our specialty contact lenses for work, screen use, and sports. We’re committed to providing the best care for

your eyes, whatever your needs may be.

Beyond vision care, we specialize in Dry Eye disease treatment, using cutting-edge, FDA-approved technologies. Our approach is designed to restore comfort, clarity, and youthful vitality to your eyes.

Our full-service optical shop offers a diverse selection of stylish frames. Ranging from timeless classics to the latest trends, we believe glasses should both complement your personal style and enhance your vision. Susy Ademoski, an acclaimed New York optician with 25 years in high-end eyewear, stands at the forefront of our store. Known for her ability to blend style and functionality, Susy applies her unique expertise to meet each client’s individual needs.

Our practice revolves around personalized care because we understand that each patient is unique. We’re here to cater to your individual needs, ensuring you see clearly, look good, and feel your best.

Join us on this journey towards comprehensive wellness by scheduling an appointment with our dedicated team. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to an era of exceptional care.

Publisher: The winter season is upon us now in the Connecticut area, and Spring is right around the corner. Please share with our readers some of your best “tips” to deal with dry eyes and allergies.

Dr. Inna Lazar: As we transition from the chilly embrace of winter to the budding warmth of spring in Connecticut, it’s essential to address the common issues of dry eyes and allergies that many of our patients face. A humidifier becomes your best friend during these months, combating the dry indoor air resulting from heating systems. Protect your eyes with sunglasses when stepping outdoors, especially on windy days. Daily eyelid hygiene is essential to prevent bacterial overgrowth and accumulation of allergens. Additionally, incorporating moisture eye drops and allergy or eye drop medications during spring into your daily routine can offer substantial relief; however, always consult your eye doctor before starting any new medication.

But the battle against dry eyes and allergies doesn’t stop there. Minimizing exposure to allergens is key; keep windows closed on high pollen days and consider using air purifiers indoors. An often-overlooked tip is to change your clothes and shower after outdoor activities to get rid of pollen. For those of us glued to screens, remember to blink regularly. Embrace the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This not only helps in keeping your eyes moist but also reduces strain. Don’t underestimate the power of diet—foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, flaxseed, and walnuts can improve tear quality. And finally, if symptoms persist, consult an eye doctor for personalized advice and treatment.

Publisher: Congratulations on the excellent resources you provide on your site about eye care: Educational Videos (https://www.drinnalazar.com/educational-videos), Blog (https://www.drinnalazar.com/blog), Newsletter & Community Content (https://www.drinnalazar.com/articles/general), and so much more. Please give our readers an overview of the resources you provide.

Dr. Inna Lazar: At our practice, patient education is key to successful treatment. We strive to specifically dedicate time to investigate properly, explain the root cause, and come up with a personalized treatment plan that works for our patients. We also try to post a lot on our website and social media channels, discussing issues patients may encounter to familiarize themselves before their visit.

Publisher: Full disclosure here, Dr. Lazar…we are one of your 170,000 followers on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/dr.innalazar/?hl=en) ! We noticed your affiliation with ALASTIN SKIN CARE (https://alastin.com/collections/welcome?designate-location=19160&fbclid=PAAaY7kXf_v6sU_Nul8cOk6x6LKB8RqHZkpGJ2JMCFQuFdThwzRz20if1XBG4_aem_AdXYcThiWBK0dy9j9A9vqcEwC2E220siJWLrHY-U6N0WaMYPHgwF-e1NHEaK5i0sa_A). Please tell us more!

Dr. Inna Lazar: In the realm of modern healthcare, our specialty dry eye practice stands as a testament to the efficacy of evidence-based medicine, focusing on treatments that not only address dry eye conditions but also bring significant aesthetic benefits. Alastin is in line with this philosophy, we are keen to partner with a skincare company that values clinical research as much as we do, ensuring product safety and proven results. This approach reflects our commitment to not just treating eye conditions but enhancing overall quality of life, marrying eye care expertise with advanced skincare solutions for a holistic approach to wellness and beauty.

Dr. Inna Lazar: As a specialized eye care professional and KOL (“key opinion leader”), are there any upcoming speaking engagements or events you would like to mention?

Dr. Inna Lazar: I am passionate about learning and acquiring new knowledge, and I equally enjoy sharing this with my colleagues and other healthcare providers. Currently, I serve on the boards of several pharmaceutical companies, including Tarsus, Allergan, and CooperVision, as well as the tech company Lumenis.

I am honored to share that I have been invited to speak about dry eye disease and myopia management at the Gold Coast Retreat in January 2024. Additionally, I actively use my social media platforms for educational purposes. This not only helps in educating people but also assists future patients in finding me. I am truly honored when they choose to visit our practice for their eye care needs and dry eye treatments.

Publisher: We understand that you are developing some products that will be soon be available for national distribution across the USA. May we have a sneak peek preview?

Dr. Inna Lazar: Absolutely, it will be for the eyes. Stay tuned.

Publisher: We read with great interest in the Greenwich Sentinel (https://www.greenwichsentinel.com/2023/04/24/getting-to-know-greenwichs-new-sister-city-izyum-ukraine/), Dr. Lazar, that you are one of the Founders of USA For Ukraine (https://usaforukr.com/), which is dedicated to providing direct aid for those affected by the war and directing people to the appropriate channels of charity. Please tell us more and how we can help?

Dr. Inna Lazar: USA for Ukraine is a non-profit organization that a friend and I, both locals of Ukrainian-Greenwich native, started when the war in Ukraine broke out. We were deeply moved to help those affected by the war, many of whom were, and still are, left without homes and clear direction, forced to leave everything behind and move from the eastern to the western part of Ukraine. We are very proud of this organization; we have been able to help, and continue to help, many people in Ukraine.

Publisher: Thank you again for joining us today, Inna. Is there anything else you would like to discuss today?

Dr. Inna Lazar: Thank you for this opportunity. Eye care has been under the radar for a while, but with the significant spike in dry eye disease and progressive myopia in children, it’s crucial that we stay up-to-date with science and technology. This ensures we provide the best care for our patients.



Dr. Inna Lazar is a leading expert on primary eye health and one of the country’s most sought-after experts in the treatment of dry eye disease. She earned her Doctor of Optometry Degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (Salus University) with a focus on advanced ocular surface disease and myopia management. Soon after, Dr. Lazar founded Greenwich Eye Care along with the Dry Eye Institute, a specialty practice that offers the most coveted, technologically-advanced drop-less treatments for dry eye.

Lazar was named one of “America’s Best Eye Doctors” by Newsweek in 2022 and featured in Fairfield County’s Business Journal “40 Under 40 Best Doctors” in 2021. Lazar recently received an “Ambassador of Sight” award from the National Lions Team, a prestigious, international non-profit organization that aids people with eye care issues and eyeglass needs.

As a specialized eye care professional and KOL, Lazar uses her social platforms and the podcast (Transparent Show) she co-founded to educate her followers on unexpected, non-traditional eye health topics. She speaks openly about medical findings; the benefits and dangers of ingredients in many big-name brands; eye health as it relates to aesthetics in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and much more. Dr. Lazar is a frequent public speaker, healthcare consultant, and advisor to major companies in the eye care industry. She can be found @dr.innalazar on Instagram and @eyeballdoc on TikTok.

Greenwich Eye Care

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Pro Eye Care

36 Old Kings Hwy South, Suite 110, Darien, CT, 06820

Phone: (203) 805-5566

Fax: (475) 900-9959



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