KRATEO.AI Urges NCAA March Madness Advertisers to Harness Technology for Optimal Impact

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AI Solutions Offer “Slam Dunk” Insights and Measurement Capabilities

If you invest substantial resources attracting customers, you should at least be able to know and contact who is interested.”

— Clay Sharman

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — KRATEO.AI, a pioneering technology firm specializing in cutting-edge AI-driven solutions for marketing and sales professionals, is advocating that advertisers investing in NCAA March Madness advertising capitalize on its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to unlock valuable insights into their website engagements.

KRATEO.AI is extending a two-month complimentary pilot program to all NCAA March Madness advertisers, ensuring they maximize the value of their significant advertising investments.

KRATEO.AI’s technology unveils the identities of previously unknown online visitors, empowering marketers to identify details about online traffic, gather their contact details, and acquire additional information to convert anonymous web traffic into actionable first-party data prospects.

“Following substantial investments to engage wide audiences, it’s essential for advertisers to understand who responded to their advertisements by visiting their website,” asserted KRATEO.AI Founder Clay Sharman. “Our technology enables brands and advertisers to unveil invisible web traffic, analyze their interactions with brand content, and establish immediate retargeting strategies for personalized marketing campaigns, resulting in enhanced return on ad spend (ROAS) and decreased customer acquisition costs (CAC).”

In today’s tech-driven era, forging meaningful connections with customers has long been a challenge for marketers, compounded by the daunting task of securing funding for costly advertising endeavors. The advent of AI is reshaping this landscape by empowering marketers to glean personalized insights from their website visitors, revolutionizing the potential for highly customized marketing campaigns.

“It’s a great time for consumers, advertisers, and brands because AI solutions can now cater to the unique needs of each party,” Sharman explained. “If you invest substantial resources attracting customers, you should at least be able to know and contact who is interested.”



KRATEO.AI is a data technology and AI-as-a-service company specializing in providing cutting-edge tools to assist marketing and sales professionals in identifying website visitors, uncovering their demographic information, and optimizing their campaigns. With a commitment to ethics, data privacy, and security, KRATEO.AI is dedicated to helping businesses supercharge their online engagement and grow their customer base in ways never before possible.

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