Keddy the Biggest Little Giggle Bee: Bringing Laughter to the Los Angeles Times Festival  of Books with Tyhesia White

“The next day the giggle bees had a valley-wide meeting. They all decided that they would have to send some brave giggle bee to turn the grumpy grasshopper’s frown upside down.”

— TyhesiaWhite

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Tyhesia White’s Keddy the Biggest Little Giggle Bee! is a charming illustrated children’s book that follows the adorable Keddy as he embarks on a whimsical journey through the enchanting Giggle Bee Valley. The book is set to appear at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books slated for April 22-23 at the University of Southern California as part of Bookmarc Alliance’s exhibit.

The idyllic valley where the giggle bees lived suddenly turned gray when a grumpy new neighbor moved in. Flowers wilted, trees lost their leaves, and the once-lush grass lost its vibrant green color. Tyhesia’s book, Keddy the Biggest Little Giggle Bee!, tells the heartwarming story of how the giggle bees came together to try to turn the grumpy grasshopper’s frown upside down. Although many bees volunteered, Keddy, known for his infectious laughter, was chosen for the task. Despite being afraid and feeling too small, Keddy bravely set out on a mission to bring back joy to the valley. Follow Keddy’s journey in this charming illustrated children’s book!

Tyhesia White is a mother of two from Nevada. She started writing short stories when she was a child and won various short story competitions during her fifth grade. Her 2 sons are the inspiration for her book. To know more, visit her website,

To join Keddy in his adventures, grab your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online retailers.

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2023 LA Times Festival of Books | Featuring | Keddy the Biggest Little Giggle Bee! by Tyhesia White

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