Hidden Fees Exposed – Personal Trainer Certification (CPT) Cost Comparison

CPT Cost Comparison

Hidden Fees of Personal Trainer Certifications Exposed in New Comparison Offering

Like Netflix in a sea of Blockbusters, the Brookbush Institute is $19.99/month for a higher-quality, all-inclusive platform, while other certs are charging $800.00+/certification and hidden fees.”

— Dr. Brent Brookbush, CEO of Brookbush Institute

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — For the first time, there is one place you can see a side-by-side cost comparison, including hidden fees and post-purchase charges, from all of the major providers of certified personal trainer (CPT) certifications (including NASM, NSCA, ACE, ISSA, ACSM, NESTA, NFPT, WITS, and the Brookbush Institute) – Comparing the Cost of Personal Training Certifications (including hidden costs)

Certified personal trainer (CPT) certifications cost too much when they offer little more than a textbook and exam. And, how do so many certification providers get away with charging extra for the study aids (e.g. practice exams) that most individuals will need to pass the final exam? Most certification providers also charge “extension fees” if an exam is not taken within 6 months of purchase, re-scheduling fees if an exam date is changed, and re-test fees if an exam is not passed on the first attempt (despite poor study materials). Most certifying organizations also charge recertification fees, and recertification extension fees, and most charge a premium rate for continuing education courses with their organization, which they prefer for recertification. Additionally, most companies offering a CPT certification, also offer an “advanced credential” (e.g. corrective exercise specialist, weight loss specialist, etc.), for as much or more money, despite the “advanced credential” being mostly the same content with a new label.

“Like Netflix in a world full of Blockbuster Videos, the Brookbush Institute is charging $19.99/month for a higher-quality, all-inclusive platform (no additional fees), that you can enjoy from anywhere, while the rest of the industry is charging between $400.00 – $2200.00 per certification, and is hiding a tremendous number of post-purchase fees.”

The Brookbush Institute understands that sharing competitor pricing may be viewed as biased; so, extra steps have been taken to demonstrate accuracy and transparency. Hyperlinks to the source of information have been added wherever possible, the lowest price for a particular fee was published when two prices were found, and additional pricing was confirmed using direct communication with the certifying organizations (e.g. email, chat boxes, phone calls, etc.). The Brookbush Institute has also added a comment box at the bottom of the full article, and welcomes any additional information that may enhance the accuracy of this cost comparison.

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