Dyme.Earth Launches Climate Cashback API to Help Merchants and Consumers Make Climate-Positive Purchases
Dyme.Earth Launches Climate Cashback API to Help Merchants and Consumers Make Climate-Positive Purchases

Dyme.Earth Climate Cashback API helps merchants and consumers make climate-positive purchases – combining affiliate cashback with built in carbon reductions.

LEWES, DE, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dyme.Earth, a climate fintech, today announced the launch of its Climate Cashback API, a new offering that helps merchants and consumers make climate-positive purchases.

The Climate Cashback API combines the power of affiliate marketing and cashback with the growing demand for climate-friendly products. This straightforward API lets publishers, influencers, bloggers, and others offer their customers both cashback and carbon reductions on every purchase.

Dyme uses its profits to invest in solar energy and tree planting, which results in reductions of carbon in the atmosphere. Publishers, merchants, and customers never pay extra for this, as Dyme is using its own profits to fund the projects. Customers don’t have to round up or add extra to their purchase. Publishers get all the benefits of affiliate programs, such as monetization of their content, and merchants can increase customers that care about climate impact without having to change their existing affiliate infrastructure.

“Our mission at Dyme.Earth is to make sustainability a seamless part of everyday life,” said Sunil Chandra, CEO/Founder of Dyme.Earth. “With the Climate Cashback API, we’re providing merchants and consumers with a way to make a difference for the planet while still getting the benefits of affiliate marketing and cashback.”

Dyme is partnering with Loyalize to offer over 7,000 merchants as part of this program. Loyalize’s technology and merchant relationships make online cashback happen automatically and without any additional actions required of the consumer or any surcharges incurred by them.

“This is a great opportunity for our merchant partners to contribute to meaningful shopping,” said Geno Prussakov, CEO and Co-founder of Loyalize. “Loyalize has working cashback relationships with thousands of brands, and this partnership with Dyme will let them tap into new and loyal audiences, eager to make a difference.”

The holiday season is traditionally when merchants and publishers make a large portion of their annual sales. Ahead of this busy end of year holiday season, the Dyme Climate Cashback API is now available to a select group of partners, including sustainability oriented publishers who wish to monetize their audiences and fintechs that would like to include a different type of mission-driven cashback in their products.

“Cashback programs are increasingly popular with shoppers and merchants alike,” said Chandra. “Our mission is to make every transaction a climate positive one and every company a climate company. Never before have consumers had the opportunity to receive cashback to have a climate impact, and we’re excited to bring this next wave of innovation to the market.”

For more information, visit www.dyme.earth.

Dyme’s mission is to reduce 1GT of CO2 from the air by making every financial transaction from a climate positive one. Dyme invests its profits in solar energy and tree planting at schools and communities in America leading to cleaner and cheaper energy and jobs in our communities. The team at Dyme is backed by leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley such as Capital X, Clocktower Technology Ventures, and Roadrunner Ventures, and has decades of experience scaling some of the world’s largest corporations, such as Google and McKinsey. Dyme is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization and partners with UGE International and Arbor Day Foundation. For more information, visit https://dyme.earth.

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