Dr. Michael Levittan, Anger Management Expert, Questions if the Dispute Between Travis and Andy is Passion or Assault

Dr. Michael Levittan

Travis Kelce and Andy Reid. Photo provided by Dr. Levittan

Travis Kelce and Andy Reid. Photo provided by Dr. Levittan

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Professional football is a violent game, says Dr. Michael Levittan, esteemed psychotherapist, media consultant, and anger management expert. This Super Bowl was watched by the largest audience in history, over 123 million people worldwide. It was an exciting, suspenseful, hard-fought game. A most unusual incident happened in the first half on the champion Kansas City Chief’s sideline, explains Dr. Levittan. Their widely-acknowledged great coach, Andy Reid, was studying the upcoming list of plays, when their star tight end Travis Kelce ran toward him, screamed at him, grabbed his left arm, and actually bumped him in the side. Reid stumbled and appeared to almost fall over. On the face of it, without any context, this was technically a case of assault. However, in many cases, context means everything, or most everything.

THE CONTEXT: The Super Bowl, so named because it represents the ultimate game of the year in the United States, is often regarded as the most important, most watched, most bet on sports contest in the world. According to Dr. Levittan, pro football is the most popular sport in this country and has a following throughout the globe. For the players, the game represents the culmination of a long grueling season, the crowning of the champion team, and the glory, fame, money, and respect bestowed on the winner is serious business (literally and figuratively).

At that point in the game, the Chiefs were in serious trouble, states Dr. Levittan. They were losing and had been badly outplayed by the San Francisco 49ers. Travis Kelce – of Taylor Swift fame – had not been involved much in the game. This, in itself, was most unusual, as Kelce, throughout his long career, has been an outstanding player in the biggest games. He is considered an all-time great football player and a hall-of-fame candidate because of his abilities, his accomplishments, and his unparalleled passion, Dr. Levittan argues. The Chief’s premier running back had just fumbled the ball away to San Francisco. Things were looking quite bleak. Kelce could not take the onslaught anymore and erupted at Coach Reid, who calls the plays.

In defense of Kelce, it has been acknowledged that Reid and Kelce have worked together for 11 years and have been quite close. Reid, in his post-game remarks, described Kelce’s verbal outburst as: “‘Put me in! I’ll score.’ That’s really what it was. Well, I love that. I mean, it isn’t the first time. So, listen, I appreciate it,” says Dr. Levittan. Coach Reid, known as “Big Red,” also said that he and Kelce have bumped each other before. Kelce apologized to him during the game and said afterward that he regretted his outburst. His older brother, all-pro center Jason Kelce, said that he crossed the line. There has also been much negative buzz on social media over the incident, Dr. Levittan adds. It seems that Reid and quarterback greats Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady understand Kelce’s passionate outburst and do not fault him for it. In highly competitive sports, teams need to have a player who “lights a fire” under his own team when things are going poorly.

Dr. Levittan concludes that, ultimately, this was not an assault case. This can be viewed as the “roughhousing” play of aggressive males. It was also the epitome of the competitiveness that professional football represents in our society. Perhaps it is the competitiveness and ferocity that fuel the immense popularity of the sport. It may be hypothesized that violent-type sports like football serve the function of an outlet for America’s hyper-aggressive society.

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