BugMD Announces Charitable Partnership With Gifts for Seniors, Supporting Isolated Older Adults in Need
BugMD Announces Charitable Partnership With Gifts for Seniors, Supporting Isolated Older Adults in Need

BugMD partners with Gifts for Seniors to combat loneliness in isolated older adults, providing gifts and personal contact through community efforts.

SANTA ANA, CA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The team at BugMD believes in the importance of giving back to the community and supporting organizations that make a difference. By partnering with Gifts for Seniors, BugMD aims to help the organization continue its mission of alleviating loneliness and social isolation among older adults through community collaborations and meaningful connections.

“We are thrilled to support Gifts for Seniors and the incredible work they do for isolated older adults in our community,” said Paul Kraus, COO of BugMD. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our values, and we hope that our contribution will help Gifts for Seniors continue to provide the joy, connection, and resources that these seniors need to feel valued and seen.”

Gifts for Seniors has been serving the needs of isolated older adults since 1994. What began as a holiday gift drive has grown into a year-round program that serves over 7,000 socially isolated older adults annually. The organization’s model involves donors providing gifts, volunteers bundling and wrapping them with handwritten cards, and community partners personally delivering the gifts during life-affirming social visits.

The Impact of BugMD’s Partnership on Gifts for Seniors:

BugMD’s partnership will have a significant impact on Gifts for Seniors’ ability to provide essential services to isolated older adults in their community. The funds will support the organization’s various programs and initiatives, including:

– Providing donated gifts to alleviate loneliness and social isolation

– Facilitating life-affirming personal contact through social visits

– Expanding the Cards for Seniors program to reach more individuals

– Supporting the Tech for Seniors initiative to connect older adults through technology

– Providing healthy food for older adults experiencing food insecurity

This contribution will enhance the quality of life for isolated seniors, ensuring they have access to the resources, connection, and support they need to feel valued and seen. The partnership will also help Gifts for Seniors continue its mission of inspiring human connection through community collaborations.

BugMD’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility:

BugMD’s partnership with Gifts for Seniors exemplifies the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility. Rooted in its core values of compassion, integrity, and social responsibility, BugMD regularly partners with non-profit organizations and charities to create a better world beyond providing effective and family-friendly pest control solutions.

By supporting organizations like Gifts for Seniors, BugMD believes they can make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of older adults experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

What This Means For The Future:

BugMD’s charitable contribution to Gifts for Seniors underscores the company’s commitment to supporting isolated older adults in need. By collaborating with local non-profit organizations, BugMD aims to raise awareness about the devastating health impacts of loneliness and social isolation among seniors and inspire others to get involved.

Through its philanthropic efforts and dedication to corporate social responsibility, BugMD hopes to create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of older adults in the communities they serve, setting an example for other businesses to follow.

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