The Reason Antique Rugs are Getting Popular and Trending when Combined within Modern Decor

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The Rise in Appeal of Antique Rugs in Contemporary Decor

CARLSTADT, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 / — Rugs that are nearly a century old and have a fascinating history are considered antiques. Handmade rugs of exceptional quality are frequently kept in the family for generations. Rugs 100 or older have become highly sought after as collector’s goods worldwide.

The phrases ‘fine’ and ‘high-quality,’ when used in terms of a hand-knotted carpet, always denote the knot count of the rug, which defines its quality. Every knot in a hand-knotted carpet is tied by hand using a loom strung with cotton or silk for the warp and the weft. The knot count of a rug is based on the number of knots per square inch and their proximity to one another. Antique rugs are universally admired for their high quality, timeless aesthetic, and storied past.

Fine hand-knotted rugs in contemporary and classic designs and hues are 1800GetARug’s forte.

1800GetaRug frequently visit the Far East for fresh color palettes and design inspiration for classic, contemporary, and transitional oriental carpets and rugs. Although the primary market is the design industry and other retailers, but everyone’s business is gladly accepted.

1800GetaRug is one of the first three online dealers of authentic hand-knotted oriental rugs in 1998, and have maintained a thriving business despite the recession, thanks to many happy clients.

The Rise in Appeal of Antique Rugs in Contemporary Decor
Most people who spend a lot of money on luxuries do so because they believe the products to be exceptional. Antique rugs are special since each one has its history and character. The rug’s backstory becomes just as integral to the piece as the rug itself, elevating both to the collectible level. When the host is armed with a captivating tale, gathering guests around the rug creates a new excitement.

One of the most unique presents this holiday season is a hand-knotted rug, which takes months to weave and consists of more than two million knots woven on a loom in rural India. The gift of a rug can bring long-lasting happiness and wealth to a family in various cultures. Handmade carpets, and particularly hand-knotted rugs, are the most durable option. Craftspeople spend six to ten months making them on a loom, knot by knot, and their sturdy design ensures they will survive for generations.

The walls of some homes also feature priceless heirlooms and antiques. Beautiful antique rugs can double as wall hangings or tapestries. As wall hangings, hand-knotted rugs are ideal. All the hallmarks of a traditional painting are present in a hand-knotted rug. Wall rugs, like paintings, can serve as focal points in a space. Handmade Wall-hanging rugs in the living room are just as stylish as those exhibited behind the headboard in the bedroom. They can be both attractive and functional additions to a study space. Rugs that are hung from the wall offer a splash of color to a child’s bedroom. There are a variety of purposes for hanging rugs on the wall. It all depends on what kind of tinkering with them is required.

The value of an antique rug rises with time. The greater the age of an antique rug, the greater its worth. The rug’s history is more than a nice bonus—it’s an important factor in determining its value. These carpets are more popular in today’s homes because of their ability to serve as a decorative accent and an investment.

Much of the aesthetic of classic art is based on historical narratives and cultural norms. All antique rugs seem the same. Some of these rugs have elaborate stories woven into them that tell tales of an ear gone by. Differentiating ones room’s decor from the crowd, these motifs are unlike anything else on the market. These narratives serve as the room’s focal point and provide an excellent foundation upon which to build the design of the space.

Traditional handicrafts result from decades of practice and years of passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. When we purchase handcrafted antiques, we are indirectly helping to preserve the history of artists and the economy that relies on them. Antique carpets are relics of the art of carpet weaving that has migrated across the world, and by buying antiques, one is essentially investing in the art form and giving it outlets to develop and continue.

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