The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) Welcomes Pat Jones to Its Advisory & Scientific Board

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Pat Jones on End Brain Cancer Initiative Scientific Advisory Board

The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) Welcomes Pat Jones to Its Advisory & Scientific Board

REDMONND, WA, USA, April 29, 2024 / — The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI), a 501(c)3 non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing patient access to treatments/devices/diagnostic options, is pleased to announce that Pat Jones has joined the team as a member of its Advisory & Scientific Board. Pat was an active-duty member of the Navy for 26 years and spent an additional 16 years working for the Navy as a civilian. He gained valuable skills, such as strategic planning, in his 42 years working for the Department of the Navy, which he is now applying to his new role with EBCI.

One of Pat’s goals is to help ensure that EBCI has the resources it needs to continue providing its essential resources, services, and support to patients and caregivers. “EBCI needs to be here forever, or until we discover a cure for this disease. EBCI helps find clinical trials for people, informs people that they don’t always have to make a decision on the day the doctor tells them, and makes people aware that they can get a second opinion,” said Pat. “Sometimes there are opportunities to make a less-than-crisis decision about what your options are.” People can support EBCI’s mission, services, and programs by making a donation at

“Our Board of Directors and I are very much looking forward to working strategically with Pat to help drive in resources & support to EBCI so that we can increase our capacity for patient ‘Direct Services’ while also keeping those services free to patients, care partners and their families,” said Dellann Elliott Mydland, EBCI President & CEO. “Pat will be a vital part in increasing our patient services, survivorship, treatment options, research, FDA approval of new treatment options and coverage and reimbursement of these treatments. Welcome Pat!”

Pat met his wife, Kathleen (Kate) Straub-Jones, while both of them were serving in the Navy. After retiring to Washington State, the couple decided to go on a road trip, which was when Kate started having issues with her vision. They discovered that a Glioblastoma brain tumor was affecting Kate’s vision and were informed that the tumor was in a location where it couldn’t be operated on. She started chemo, radiation, and the full Standard of Care (SOC). Along the way, they also connected with EBCI when they met a team member at the Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference.

After 4 years and her second recurrence, Kate started having seizures while on vacation in Kauai. She passed away on March 5, 2023. “I have a need within me to help after I lost my wife of forty years to this nasty disease,” Pat said. He and Kate were both involved in Head to the Hill, and on May 6-7 Pat will be returning to Capitol Hill to share his story and advocate on behalf of the brain tumor community.

The End Brain Cancer Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit patient organization focused on disease education, awareness, outreach and increasing patient access. The End Brain Cancer Initiative, formerly known as the Chris Elliott Fund, is dedicated to ensuring that all patients diagnosed with brain cancer, a brain tumor, or metastatic disease to the brain have equal access to advanced diagnostics, treatments, specialists, and clinical trial participation. We believe that IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these options provides this patient community with the best HOPE for survival and sustained quality of life. We partner with industry, patients, researchers, advocacy groups, medical teams, hospital networks and others to educate patients and their caregivers so they can have empowered conversations with medical teams. Learn more about and support the End Brain Cancer Initiative’s work and mission at

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