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Known personalities in film, TV, sports, social media, music invited to give divorce tips

We don’t care what divorce topics our ‘name’ guests chose to talk about,” David Glass says, “We just want their insights—their commentary to help guide others going through a divorce.”

— David J. Glass

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — David J. Glass, host of TheHourGLASSpodcast, (where family law and psychology intersect) is seeking known personalities to round out his guest list for Season 4, which will begin airing later this year, according to Cherie Kerr, senior producer on the show.

Certified Family Law Specialist, former psychologist and author, Glass is a regular legal analyst on ABC and other broadcast networks. He also is frequently quoted in Associated Press, People magazine and Variety, among many others.

During the first three seasons, Glass interviewed many interesting guests—experts that ranged from etiquette and décor specialists to financial planners to fitness trainers to substance abuse counselors and even a retired family law judge, among many others. “This upcoming season, we’re inviting known personalities to guest on the show and share their past or current divorce tips for getting through the divorce process productively,” Glass explains. “We’re not asking guests to divulge privileged information or discuss particulars they are not comfortable with sharing,” Glass affirms. “We’re looking for guests from film, television, social media, sports and music—those who are influencers,” he adds. “Suggestions and advice from each guest will no doubt have a positive impact on our audience members and that is what our show is all about: Enlightening our audiences so they can gain insight as to how they might get through the divorce process with as much ease as possible.” That precept is the underlying theme TheHourGLASS show.

Actresses, Karen Murayama and Mindy Sterling shared insights, while television writer and director, Tracy Newman provided some musical humor. “We received lots of positive feedback on what each of them contributed,” said Kerr.

According to Producer Kerr, the questions for Season 4 will be straightforward and pre-approved by guests. “We don’t want any of our guests to be surprised by what they are asked,” she says. “We only want our guests to opine on the topics they want to address—nothing more.”

TheHourGLASS team will be looking to guests for pointers, suggestions, advice, and strategies they used or are using to help them get through their respective divorce experience(s). For instance, Glass says he may have a guest who simply wants to talk about the grief following the relationship’s demise, while another may want to tick off pointers for moving his/her life forward after the divorce is final. “Others may want to key in on how to break the divorce news to the kids,” Glass explains, “while some may want to share strategies on how to handle differing rules for kids who now reside in two different households.

One thing for certain, according to Kerr, the topics and the aspects of divorce to be covered during these upcoming interviews will be interesting and thought-provoking. “We don’t care what divorce topics our ‘name’ guests chose to talk about,” Glass says, “We just want their insights—we want their commentary to help guide others going through a divorce. The central intent of our show is to help others. That’s the whole point,” she concludes.

Interviews on the upcoming TheHourGLASSpodcast season will be 15 to 20-minutes in duration and conducted via Zoom. Glass’s guests are also invited to share information about their current and upcoming projects, whether their projects are movies, tv, or web series; social media platforms; newest music release, a concert tour; sporting events or appearances. “We are eager to let our listeners know what our guests are up to,” Glass says.

Those interested in being on TheHourGLASS podcast may contact [email protected] 714 550-9900 to arrange a mutually convenient interview date and time. Slots will be made available Monday through Saturday.

For more information, please contact Cherie Kerr – [email protected] (714) 550-9900 or (714) 271-2140 or Shannon Dugger at [email protected] or 303 619-3949.

To catch prior episodes of TheHourGLASS podcast, visit: https://www.thehourglasspodcast.com.


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