pdfAssistant.ai Unveils Powerful New Features to Enhance PDF Processing Capabilities

Revolutionary PDF Assistant Enhances Document Management with AI-Powered Security, Print and Archive Optimization, Text Extraction, and More

This update reflects our commitment to providing users the tools they need to save time and effort with all of their PDF-related tasks.”

— Eric Shore

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — pdfAssistant.ai, the AI-powered PDF editor, today announced a major upgrade that empowers users to go beyond basic document management. This comprehensive update introduces a suite of advanced processing features, providing users with the ability to optimize documents for print or archive, secure and restrict access, and extract valuable information with greater control and efficiency.

“We’re excited to add these powerful new capabilities to pdfAssistant,” says Eric Shore, Chief Innovation Officer. “This update reflects our commitment to providing users the tools they need to save time and effort with all of their PDF-related tasks.”

Expanded PDF Processing Capabilities

– Enhanced Security: Users can now secure PDFs with password protection and restrict access to editing, printing, copying and more, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.

– Archiving Optimization: pdfAssistant supports conversion to a range of PDF/A formats, designed specifically for long-term electronic document archiving and preservation.

– Print Preparation: Users can convert PDFs to standard PDF/X formats, guaranteeing optimal quality and compatibility for prepress printing workflows.

– Seamless Text Extraction: pdfAssistant can now extract all text content from PDFs, enabling easy search and analysis within the extracted text.

– In-depth PDF Analysis: Users can gain valuable insights into PDF document conditions and metadata, including authorship, page count, tagging information, form type identification, and more.

Free Credits to Explore New Features

pdfAssistant now offers a complimentary bundle of free credits to explore the full range of PDF processing capabilities, including all the latest features. The sign up process takes less than a minute with a valid email address.

Once the complimentary credits are exhausted, users can choose from a variety of affordable plans starting at just $4.99. These plans provide a pay-as-you-go approach, eliminating monthly fees and commitments. Each plan is designed to seamlessly top up the credit balance before credits run out to ensure uninterrupted service. Details on each plan are available on the Account page within pdfAssistant.

About pdfAssistant

pdfAssistant streamlines PDF processing tasks with an intuitive, AI-powered chat interface. Users can describe their desired actions and processing needs in natural language, and pdfAssistant will automatically translate these requests into executable steps, expediting the workflow and reducing the potential for human error. For more information, visit the FAQ at pdfAssistant.ai.

Lisa Carrano
Datalogics, Inc.
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/704826969/pdfassistant-ai-unveils-powerful-new-features-to-enhance-pdf-processing-capabilities

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