ORIGINALLUXURY ROUNDTABLE – VD GLOBAL Presents The Diamond Inside a Diamond – “The Beating Heart”
ORIGINALLUXURY ROUNDTABLE – VD GLOBAL Presents The Diamond Inside a Diamond – “The Beating Heart”




ORIGINALLUXURY - Founding Partners

ORIGINALLUXURY – Founding Partners

ORIGINALLUXURY ROUNDTABLE – VD GLOBAL Presents The Diamond Inside a Diamond – “The Beating Heart”

This diamond, beyond its mesmerising beauty, symbolises our commitment to ethical sourcing and the marvels of natural creation.”

— Bhavya Vaghasia, CEO of Luxury, VD GLOBAL

LAUSANNE, VAUD, SWITZERLAND, March 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the first time in Switzerland, one of the rarest and most unique diamonds in the world visited Lausanne on the 4th of March 2024.

In an extraordinary showcase of nature’s marvels, Lausanne witnessed one of the world’s rarest and most intriguing natural wonders on the 4th of March 2024. On the occasion of the ORIGINALLUXURY 3rd private roundtable held at IMD, an exclusive event by invitation only, VD Global, presented “The Beating Heart” diamond.

“The Beating Heart” is not just a diamond; it is a marvel of natural history, embodying billions of years of Earth’s geological processes. This unique gem features a smaller diamond moving freely inside its larger counterpart, a rarity that showcases the extraordinary conditions under which diamonds can form. This exquisite piece, recovered by De Beers Group and analysed at the facilities of De Beers Institute of Diamonds, is recorded on the Tracr platform, enhancing confidence in its traceability and sourcing as well as giving insight into its history and heritage.

Event Highlights:

• ORIGINALLUXURY Roundtable: Over 50 luxury stakeholders and 15 technology providers will gather, alongside professors from E4S, IMD, UNIL-HEC, and the SCLR, to discuss the integration of technology in enhancing transparency in the luxury sector. The event will also see the launch of the latest “Technology For Transparency” report, showcasing 14 technology partners and 14 luxury stakeholders sharing insights of their journey towards heightened transparency.

• The Beating Heart Showcase: VD Global and its partner Tracr will present the diamond’s traceability history and journey, emphasizing its heritage and the processes behind its creation.

About ‘The Beating Heart’:

This diamond is a Type IaAB, weighing 0.329 carats and of D colour, the highest grade for colorless diamonds. It showcases maccle twin planes, visible as exquisite herringbone patterns, a testament to its unparalleled natural beauty and formation history. The phenomenon of the inner diamond older than the outer layer speaks volumes about the dynamic and complex conditions beneath the Earth’s surface. In October 2022, VD Global, a De Beers Group Sightholder based in India, identified the specimen as a potentially intriguing natural anomaly, prompting an alert to De Beers Institute of Diamonds. The rough diamond, recovered by the De Beers Group from one of its mining sites, was transported to the De Beers Institute of Diamonds in Maidenhead, UK, by November 2022. In recognition of its distinctive composition, VD Global bestowed upon it the name ‘Beating Heart’ diamond. Rather than undergoing cutting and polishing, this specimen will be preserved for research and educational endeavors.

The Science of Beauty:

The creation of “The Beating Heart” diamond involved a natural selection process of geological proportions. An intermediate layer of poor-quality fibrous diamond was naturally etched away, leaving behind the high-quality core and outer layer. This natural process highlights the survival of the fittest theory in a geological context, offering a unique narrative of natural beauty and resilience.

“Unveiling ‘The Beating Heart’ is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection and responsibility. This diamond, beyond its mesmerising beauty, symbolises our commitment to ethical sourcing and the marvels of natural creation.” – Bhavya Vaghasia, CEO of Luxury, VD GLOBAL

“Tracr is proud to support VD Global with this incredible diamond. In a world where man-made imitations abound, this diamond reminds us that nature’s creations are timeless treasures, unmatched in their splendor and allure.” – Wesley Tucker, CEO, TRACR

“The ‘Beating Heart’ is a remarkable example of what can happen on the natural diamond journey from formation to discove ry. A find like this demonstrates why natural diamond formation and origin is such a fascinating area of study and why it is important to strive for advancements in testing and analysis that can contribute to our knowledge of natural diamond growth.”- Jamie Clark, Head of Global Operations at De Beers Institute of Diamonds

“The integration of advanced technologies in verifying the authenticity and sourcing of luxury items is a key focus area for ORIGINALLUXURY. Our research aims to demystify these technologies for brands and consumers alike, making luxury more accessible and trustworthy.” – Margot Stuart, co-founder of OriginAll and Project Lead of ORIGINALLUXURY

“The Beating Heart diamond is a marvel of natural beauty and scientific wonder. Its history illustrates what our ORIGINALLUXURY initiative is trying to achieve in pioneering technology for transparency in the luxury sector” – Prof. Felicitas Morhart, Founder of the Swiss Center for Luxury Research and Professor of Marketing at UNIL-HEC

“Collaboration among academic institutions, industry leaders, and technology innovators plays a crucial role in promoting transparency within the luxury sector. ORIGINALLUXURY is at the forefront of fostering greater openness.” – Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi, Co-Managing Director of E4S and Professor of Strategy at UNIL-HEC


Initially known as THE INDEX, ORIGINALLUXURY was established as a collaborative venture between E4S, UNIL-HEC, IMD, The Swiss Center for Luxury Research and OriginAll, with the primary objective of assessing transparency and traceability initiatives within the luxury sectors. A year in, a particular focus on technology’s role in amplifying transparency, traceability, product security and data integrity was made. Hosted by the Swiss Center for Luxury Research, our consortium of over 50 luxury brands and 16 technology partners1 serves as a hub for academic research and insights and is dedicated to analyzing, assessing and displaying the newest digital innovations that can empower brands and customers with relevant and intuitive information, fostering responsible decision-making. More than just a resource and research center, being it through our events, workshops, online platforms or the ORIGINALLUXURY LAB, its goal is to facilitate collaboration, encourage knowledge exchange and best practices, as well as provide networking opportunities for industry professionals, technology experts, and global specialists in the luxury industry.

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