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Impression - AYOTA Watches – Vienna – Austria | Watches & Gains |

Impression – AYOTA Watches – Vienna – Austria | Watches & Gains |

After the successful launch of AYOTA 1 PRO on Kickstarter and being funded in just 1 day AYOTA now starts the preorder launch of its First Edition for everyone.

Excellence lies within the layers of dedication.”

— Mas Ansari

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, January 11, 2024 / — AYOTA, a new brand of mechanical timepieces, that allows people to have an easily accessible iconic luxury sports watch on their wrists at a great value-for-money, launches on Thursday the 11th of January, 2024 the prime preorder of its first sports watch – AYOTA 1 PRO – on

AYOTA already ran the first campaign of its First Edition on Kickstarter and was successful in just one day. Those familiar with Kickstarters pledge and reward system have the opportunity to back AYOTA and receive their rewards at discounted prices until 17th of January.

Fulfilling its promise to be easily accessible for everyone, AYOTA now starts the preorder launch of its attainable First Edition – AYOTA 1 PRO – on its official online store as well.

With the 1 PRO launch the AYOTA brand releases its first edition of an accurate homage to the most popular model of the iconic Rolex Submariner referred to by the nickname “Ceramic” with a bezel insert in black ceramic and a black dial and large luminescent hour markers.

The 1 PRO from AYOTA complies with the relevant qualitative criteria applicable for premium sports watches.

AYOTA 1 PRO features an elaborately manufactured AltoBlack® ENAMEL DIAL.

The creation of an enamel dial sits somewhere between art, science, alchemy and is one of the most recognizable crafts in the field of artisanal watch making. The production of these dials is a skill set that very few possess, and even fewer have truly mastered.

Enamel dials are not offered as an option for the black Rolex Submariner. As these dials are time-consuming and complex to produce and due to the high rejection rates during the manufacturing process, most brands refrain from the enamel technique.

The 1 PROs enamel dial is a glossy black. The intriguing reflection effects of the polished bright indices and hands adds that extra sparkle and illusive 3D depth to AYOTAs dial. It resembles the 200 meters (≈660 ft) of depths the AYOTA 1 PRO is capable of conquering.

Functionality and legibility are AYOTAs highest priority for the 1 PRO.

The dial layout, rendered complete by its mixture of rounded and rectangular indices with a triangular 12 o’clock marker along with white text, is most legible under light. Featuring rich Swiss Super-LumiNova® C3 lume of the indices and hands ensures best legibility in the darkness as well.

Furthermore this sports watch comes with a genuine Sapphire crystal that is anti reflection coated seven times on the dial side (7 AR Coating).

Milled case and bracelets are much more expensive to produce than pressed ones. The quality and standard of their chosen materials plays a key role as well. Moreover the finishing of the surfaces has a central role in the expenses thus the perceived quality.

AYOTA has committed itself to the high-end quality of its offerings without cutting costs.

The 1 PROs unibody case is made of a single piece of the highest grade of solid stainless steel 316L that is known being well-tolerated by sensitive skin types.

The 3-link bracelet and the on the fly quick adjustment deployment buckle are milled and made of 316L stainless steel as well.

The upper surfaces are satin brushed and the sides are polished with a high, elaborate quality.

A well functioning rotating bezel with satisfying click sound is important for such a sports watch. Therefore the 1 PRO features a 120 click unidirectional rotating diver bezel. Furthermore AYOTYs bezel has a genuine ceramic bezel insert that is scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

Underneath the dial a made in Japan Seiko automatic caliber renowned for its longevity beats at a rate of 21 600 bph (beats/hour).

Above the aim to offer such a/an homage with a premium quality relative to those of competitors the greater objective of this movement is to address the rising demand of potential customers for luxury sports watches to have easy and swift accessibility as well as being treated respectfully.

To achieve this goal the Watches & Gains online presence is being initiated that will help enthusiasts to enjoy a respectful treatment with dignity and in addition save money and time with their purchases. Moreover Watches & Gains serves as an attractive entry for newcomers into the world of luxurious mechanical timepieces.

AYOTA as the brand under Watches & Gains umbrella offers attainable luxury timepieces with this premium sports watch being its first edition.

On the launch day those interested will be offered promotional preorder discounts up to 40 percent compared to standard sales prices. Starting at a price of 427 Euros early birds will receive a free handmade leather travel watch roll as well as a free AYOTA club membership additionally. All this will be easily shipped to the door worldwide.

The AYOTA club membership is ideal for people that like to have first access to the upcoming and strictly limited AYOTA editions, to exclusive special – members only – editions, as well as to private AYOTA events.

As the promotional offer for early birds is limited to a short period of time the ideal option is to visit the web page of AYOTA and follow the direct link button preorder or visit and go to the shop to find the preorder under the category of Watch & Rolls.

Watches & Gains as well as AYOTA are founded and designed by an award winning Master of Science in Architecture with 26 years of experience in the fields of design and engineering who is lecturer in sustainable design at the renowned Technical University of Vienna.

He is moreover the inventor of the all new “Algorithmic Design Language” through which a seamless new Design can adapt to the homage of an existing iconic design. This is why the logo of AYOTA matches the dial layout of the 1 PRO perfectly.

Assisted with an encouraged team he made this project reality in partnership with longstanding manufacturers with decades of tradition.

“Excellence lies within the layers of dedication.” Mas Ansari

Ansari Noori
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