Kimball Entertainment to Produce Anthony Bambocci and Kirk V. Leidy’s Documentary “Dancing with the Devil”

Keri Ann Kimball, Kimball Entertainment

Autor and Screenwriter, Anthony Bambocci

Director, Kirk V. Leidy

Kimball Entertainment to Produce Anthony Bambocci and Kirk V. Leidy’s Documentary “Dancing with the Devil”

HOLLYWOOD, CA, US, November 30, 2023 / — Kimball Entertainment is proud to announce its latest venture, the production of “Dancing with the Devil,” a gripping documentary that brings to life the fascinating history of board track racing in the United States. This project is a collaboration between renowned writer Anthony Bambocci and esteemed director Kirk V. Leidy.

Kirk V. Leidy, with over 38 years in the film industry, is known for his remarkable talent in graphic design, photography, and film. His acclaimed career includes creating over 700 films, earning multiple Telly Awards, and recognition at the Tele-films in Canada. Kirk’s expertise in cycling, evident from his role as the Technical Director of the Cycling Road Races in the 1996 Centennial Olympics and co-founder of the Tour de’Toona Stage Race, brings an authentic perspective to this documentary.

Joining Kirk is Anthony Bambocci, a successful entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran. After making his mark in technology, Anthony transitioned to entertainment, showcasing his talent in the sitcom “Almost Grownups” and a stand-up special for Amazon. His involvement in films like “Shooting Heroin” and his upcoming project “Saint Nick of Bethlehem” highlight his diverse skills in writing and production.

“Dancing with the Devil” is set to explore the thrilling era of board track racing, a time when racers became celebrities, risking their lives on wooden plank racecourses at astonishing speeds. The documentary will cover the sport’s rise to popularity from 1910 through 1930, its interruption by WW1, and its eventual decline during the Great Depression. It will feature the inception of the tracks by Jack Prince and Fred Moscovics and the racing exploits of legends like Barney Oldfield and Louis Chevrolet.

The film promises to provide an in-depth look at the technological innovations and the societal impact of this unique period in American auto racing history. The involvement of stars like Charlie Chaplin and the dramatic end of the sport due to the Great Depression and other factors will be key highlights of this documentary.

Kimball Entertainment is excited to bring this story to the screen, promising an insightful and entertaining exploration of a pivotal moment in motorsport history.

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