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Deeper Japan broadens operational reach with five new cultural heritage offerings in Kanazawa with plans for additional expansion in Kyushu and Tohoku

The new offerings do more than just open up additional areas of Japan to curious travelers – they also help directly support the preservation of local craft and economy.”

— Hikaru Ishikawa

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fueled by a steadfast commitment to the conservation of traditional craft and cultural heritage, Deeper Japan‘s latest launch of experiences in the Kanazawa region is a pioneering initiative. With the introduction of these carefully curated expansions, Deeper Japan reiterates its unwavering support for local artisans and craftsmen and fosters the revitalization of traditional practices in the Kanazawa region. This launch also presents an invaluable opportunity for travelers to authentically engage with Japan’s rich tapestry of culture and craft.

According to Deeper Japan CEO Hikaru Ishikawa, “The new offerings do more than just open up additional areas of Japan to curious travelers – they also help directly support the preservation of local craft and economy.” Expanded Kanazawa operation will contribute to diversifying travel options to locations beyond Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan’s two most visited destinations.


Immerse into the Essence of Kaga Yuzen Dyeing with a Private Workshop Tour (Kanazawa):

An artistic discipline originating more than 500 years ago with a local Kaga dyeing technique, Kaga Yuzen features meticulously calculated geometric designs, a distinct color palette, and realistic floral imagery. This workshop oversees the entire production process, from sourcing materials to the final finishing touches, allowing visitors to engage in every step of the Kaga Yuzen craft.

Surround Yourself in Sound with a Japanese Drum Workshop and Cultural Experience (Hakusan):

Drums are the origin of Japanese sounds – it’s nearly impossible to encounter a festival, Shinto ritual, or traditional performing art in Japan that doesn’t incorporate their resonating beat. This workshop, boasting a factory that has been continuously operating for over 400 years, conducts crucial repairs for drums sent from all corners of the country and provides the chance for visitors to inspect the instrument’s exterior up close, attend lectures by seasoned musicians, and have opportunities to play drums firsthand.

The Radiant Beauty of Ushikubi Tsumugi that Supported Mountain Villages (Hakusan):

Stronger silk and an illustrious sheen are just some of the advantages that come from the double-cocoon style of textile production known as Ushikubi Tsumugi. The mountainous city of Hakusan developed this representative craft centuries in the past, when residents would spend long winters spinning yarn and operating looms. Nurtured by nature and sustaining local economy, Ushikubi Tsumugi is a craft directly supported by Deeper Japan’s latest expansion.

Savor Sake with a Private Storehouse Tour and Tasting (Kanazawa):

Delve into the flavor of sake and its singular production techniques on a guided tour led by the sakagura’s head sake brewer. Sake brewing revolves around nature, with cold water and premium rice influencing the product’s quality. These pristine ingredients interact with microorganisms in a process carefully controlled by the brewer. The brewer-guided tour and tasting enhances understanding and enjoyment of Japanese sake.

Fine-Dining with Kanazawa Geisha at a Traditional Japanese Inn (Kanazawa):

Kanazawa is a region renowned since the feudal period for traditional crafts and performing arts, as well as for local delicacies shaped by the surrounding mountains and sea. Held at a historic inn and hosted by Kanazawa geisha, this exceptional experience supports the continuation of culture and highlights the inherited spirit of Kanazawa hospitality.


The inbound travel industry in Japan, severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually recovering following last year’s travel ban lift. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations, collaborations with NGOs, and alliances with local governments and tourist associations, Deeper Japan assists in supporting regional economic development and the conservation of cultural heritage.

Active measures are being taken by Deeper Japan to strengthen the reservation response team and upgrade internal systems. The implementation of remote operations for the customer support team and close collaboration with the domestic communication team are underway, as well as intensified recruitment to match the rapidly increasing demand for travel.

Future plans include expanding services to additional domestic locations, including the Tohoku and Kyushu regions, along with international destinations. In addition to transcending linguistic and cultural barriers, Deeper Japan continues to focus on elevating available travel experiences, such as the latest Kanazawa expansion.


Deeper Japan is a service that allows visitors to Japan to seamlessly book traditional cultural experiences that are otherwise difficult to access. By carefully selecting high-quality cultural and immersive natural experiences, and directly collaborating with skilled craftsmen and artists at the forefront, Deeper Japan promotes mutual understanding between different cultures through travel and actively preserves tradition and diversity.

Focus is primarily given to small groups of guests, providing an opportunity for deeper interaction between craftsmen and guests rather than large-scale, superficial experiences. Additionally, trained interpreter guides are employed to ensure interpretation in the guests’ native languages whenever possible. Approximately 80 percent of Deeper Japan’s clientele comprises independent travelers from Europe, the United States, and Australia.

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