Iris Analysis Gains Popularity as Powerful Tele-Health Tool

Our eyes act as mini computers that process information contained throughout the body and revealed in the individual iris.”

— Dr, Patricia W. McCartney

FORNEY, TEXAS , UNITED STATES, March 31, 2023/ — As tele-health continues to gain momentum, virtual evaluation methods are becoming increasingly important. One such assessment tool is Iridiagnosis. Known also as iridology, this noninvasive method of studying the various structures of the eye’s iris can identify imbalances and changes that take place in a person’s body.

“Our eyes act as mini computers that process information contained throughout the body and are revealed in the individual iris. Virtual assessments are used to help discover areas of health that warrant attention.” According to Dr. Patricia W. McCartney, founder of Herb-n-Wellness, an online natural health platform that specializes in virtual iridology.

As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and trained Iridologist, Dr. McCartney explains “Due to its connection to the brain, we are able to analyze patterns, and markings and even colors. We can also decipher information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s health. Iridology is considered to be more informative than other diagnostic tools such as lab work, x-rays, MRI’s, Cat Scans, etc due to its ability to read the fibers in our eyes, which reflect any imbalances in our tissues or organs, including physiological conditions, personality traits, and psychological risks.”

Iridology dates back hundreds of years and is practiced worldwide. Although primarily used within complimentary alternative medicine, the recent trend toward tele-health has increased the modality’s popularity. Just like fingertips, irises are unique to each individual, so each tell their own story, In fact, each iris addresses only one side of the body, so together, they are able to provide a complete blueprint regarding the states of a person’s health.

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