Grown Climate Smart Partners with Kennay Farms Distilling to Elevate Sustainability in Spirits Production

Kennay Farms Distilling spirits available to consumers

Kennay Farms Distilling Spirits with Grown Climate Smart branding

Kennay Farms Distilling Spirits with Grown Climate Smart branding

Rochelle, Illinois-based Kennay Farms Distilling has entered a new partnership with The DeLong Co., Inc.’s Grown Climate Smart brand.

ROCHELLE, ILLINOIS, USA, January 22, 2024 / — The DeLong Co., Inc.’s Grown Climate Smart initiative announces its strategic collaboration with Illinois-based Kennay Farms Distilling, strengthening a commitment to sustainable spirits production. Embracing a shared mission with Grown Climate Smart, Kennay Farms Distilling is dedicated to utilizing Grown Climate Smart-approved sustainable grains in their popular spirits. The cornerstone of Kennay Farms’ mission is the conscientious integration of locally sourced grains and utilizing sustainable agricultural practices into their distillation process. Through this partnership with Grown Climate Smart, Kennay Farms aims to reinforce their dedication to climate-smart agriculture grain sourcing and production methods.

Founder of Kennay Farms Distilling, Rick Kennay, expresses enthusiasm for this collaboration: “We’ve always prioritized sustainable practices, and partnering with Grown Climate Smart amplifies our commitment. Our spirits reflect our deep-rooted connection to the land, sourcing grains grown sustainably and with a focus on climate-smart impact.”

Aligning seamlessly with Grown Climate Smart, Kennay Farms Distilling shares core values of local, family-owned operation, innovation, and environmental stewardship. Both entities acknowledge the profound influence of agriculture on daily life and are committed to integrating forward-thinking solutions, epitomized by the Grown Climate Smart initiative, into their operations.

The DeLong Co., Inc.’s Grown Climate Smart Brand and Marketing Manager Dylan Vaca, expresses excitement about this venture: “Our collaboration with Kennay Farms Distilling highlights the importance of sustainable practices in crafting premium spirits. By partnering with local distilleries like Kennay Farms Distilling, we promote the adoption of climate-smart practices in the industry, benefiting both consumers and the environment.”

The Grown Climate Smart seal, proudly displayed on Kennay Farms Distilling products, assures consumers of spirits crafted using sustainable methods that minimize greenhouse gas emissions and champion carbon sequestration.

Kennay Farms Distilling’s commitment to small-batch, quality-controlled distillation using locally sourced grains ensures the production of premium-quality spirits. The addition of the Grown Climate Smart seal on their range of products including vodka, gin, rye whiskey, and bourbon coming in fall 2024, further reinforces their dedication to sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

In an era where consumers prioritize sustainably produced goods, the partnership between Kennay Farms Distilling and Grown Climate Smart aligns with growing consumer demand for environmentally conscious products, resonating with the USDA’s recent provision of $3.1 billion in climate-smart grants.

Both Kennay Farms Distilling and Grown Climate Smart invite consumers to seek out their Grown Climate Smart-endorsed products and champion sustainably produced spirits in their purchase decisions, fostering a more climate-smart future.

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