Global CEO Summit joined California City Mayors and Global Thought Leaders in Palo Alto, May 19 through May 20th

Eligibility to CEO CLUB GLOBAL is restricted to the highest net worth benefactors , sustainable investors, sole proprietor businesses and esteemed individuals and is by invitation only.

“We are known by the ‘Companies’ we keep”.

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Advancing Socially Responsible Investment and Profitable Worldwide Business Growth the Global CEO Summit is Set to Stimulate California’s Economy

CEO Club Global is tackling key issues of our time. Whether natural disasters, global pandemics or economic disparity our mission is to host high impact investors driven to make positive change.”

— Max Studennikoff, Founder of the Climate Change Forum OUNDER OF CC FORUM

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 28, 2023/ — Palo Alto, known as the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley,” is the world’s preeminent hub for technology and is a byword for innovation. Today, it is home to 30 ‘Fortune 1000’ companies and the city serving as the site of the first Global CEO Summit. Presided over by Dr. Shambhu Pokharel, Founder of the CEO Club Global, the confab unspooled this past – Friday, May 19 through Saturday. May 20 as a convergence of esteemed financial institutions, international Family Offices, leaders in research and development and speakers representing institutions of higher learning. A host of successful international businesses engaged California Mayors and civic leaders to advance economic development and strengthen international ties with the high profile guests and participants.

States, Dr. Shambhu Pokharel – a titan in the Communications and Entertainment realm in his native, Nepal, “The confab commemorated the Bay Area as a global hub of technological innovation, profitable investment and one of the world’s most luxurious travel / work destinations”. The Palo Alto Center was an ideal setting for dignitaries and guests alike that included; David M. Walker: 7th Comptroller General of the USA, Larry Klein: Mayor, Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, Lily Mei: Mayor, Fremont, Silicon Valley, Holmes Stoner: President: American International Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and Green Alliance International, Dr. Hojat Askari: President: Doctor and Nurses Association, Dr. Anis Uzzaman: Chairman of Pegasus Tech Venture and Chairman of Start Up World Cup.

Participation, opportunities to underwrite or attend the Global CEO Summit were by-invitation-only. “The setting, workshops, panels and receptions provided a rich networking opportunity to engage, invest and explore the ‘Golden Gateway ’ as a state built for business on an easily accessible human scale,” according to Kimberly Holmes Colquhoun: Chairwoman: International Broadcast TV.

Boasting one of the most robust economies in the world, ripe with character and distinct culturally infused neighborhoods, from awe inspiring bastions of cultural heritage and natural panoramas is it any wonder that Dr. Shambhu Pokharel, the youthful Founder of the CEO Club Global accorded the Palo Alto Center as the site for the premiere Global CEO Summit? Many of the Heads of State, Royalty, Government Officials, Family Offices ,Philanthropists, high net worth Business Leaders and Investors committed to attend future iterations.

“Our collective ongoing goal is to create a comprehensive and inclusive plan to implement a global agenda for profitable and conscientious economic development,” confirms Dr. Shambhu Pokharel , who in addition to serving as Chief Operating officer of Global CEO Club is at the helm of a vast media network originating in Nepal, home of the world’s eight highest mountain peaks.

Future confabs are being planned and with invitations extended to all those who wish to bridge the ever-widening divide between nations, in the pursuit of liberty, diplomacy, person-to-person engagement founded on the principles of balanced commercial cooperation and collaboration. Those participating in the Global CEO Summit were encouraged to extend the reach of their companies and enterprises with California decision makers. Dr. Shambhu Pokharel was joined on the organizing Board of Directors by Holmes Stoner, Founder of Green Alliance International and Founder of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce & Business Council ( With 200, 000 active members, comprising small and micro businesses, Holmes Stoner also served as a distinguished Keynote Speaker in the advancement of affordable, eco-friendly, pre-manufactured housing on a massive scale.

CEO Club Global engages economic, eco-political and leaders in commerce that are intent on fomenting local to global business-based agendas across all political, national and institutional sectors. Their aim and ambition is to amplify the ideas of those entrepreneurs and executives whose vision and future forward modus operandi will lead to endowing people everywhere with the inalienable right to dignity and the pursuit of well-being. “Our ambition is to grow our populations, our products, our platform, our partners, and our philanthropies within the orbit of our CEO Club Global’s universe,” states Dr. Pokharel.

Headquartered in New York City, New York the reach of CEO Club Global spans the globe. We ferret out opportunities for member investors while collaborating with startups who are seeking secure sources of venture capital from savvy rainmakers and unicorns. “We also advance the free interchange of ideas and experience and encourage unencumbered innovation for all businesses and commercial enterprises within our scope.

Membership in CEO club Global is by invitation only and acceptance is by a jury of peers. Our forum serves to bridge investments – Ideas – advanced technology – environmentally friendly industry–diplomatic policy in the fostering of an optimum business environment,” confirms Dr. Shambhu Pokharel.

It is the mission of the CEO Club Global to achieve a plan of action for the people, the planet while spreading prosperity by strengthening universal peace and environmental sustainability. We aim to secure the investments required to achieve these goals. According to Holmes Stoner, “We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the trajectory of humanity toward a more just and verdant world”.

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Eligibility to CEO CLUB GLOBAL is restricted to the highest net worth individuals, or C-suite executives in association with companies and philanthropies with net worth in excess of a hundred million dollars, high level government officials, global diplomatic corps and those who have distinguished themselves as thought leaders, authors, scientists, technical innovators and equity managers in the private and public sector.

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