Faith Tribe to Launch Beta Platform – A Revolutionary Toolkit for Fashion Creators

DUBAI, UAE, July 19, 2023/ — Faith Tribe Ltd. is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its membership platform and utility toolkit, catering to the needs of the new fashion economy. The platform aims to empower fashion creators, artists, and small businesses by providing them with a cutting-edge toolkit comprising digital tools and physical solutions. This comprehensive toolkit will enable fashion creators to design, manufacture, market, and distribute their creations efficiently. Additionally, the platform will serve as a community hub, offering peer collaboration, mentorship from industry leaders, and exposure to world-class events.

Wahid Chammas, Co-founder and Chairman of Faith Tribe, expressed the importance of expanding knowledge and access to tools for digital and physical transformation within the fashion industry. By launching a membership platform with tailored services for fashion creators, Faith Tribe aims to provide the foundation necessary for active participation in their community of open-source talent and opportunities.

To ensure the success of their platform, Faith Tribe has partnered with leading digital companies:

Threedium: A renowned 3D engine that combines tools for creating, distributing, and managing photorealistic 3D and augmented reality (AR) experiences on the web.

DressX: The largest digital fashion store that offers 3D clothing collections featuring physical brand items and original digital creations.

Solaire: A revolutionary Web3 commerce infrastructure that connects and automates fashion brands, leading to higher revenue and improved operational efficiency.

Andrea Abrams, Spatial Web expert and Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe, emphasized the importance of curating essential tools for fashion creators in the era of the Spatial Web. Abrams praised the expertise and missions of Threedium, DressX, and Solaire, highlighting their capability to drive the industry’s transition towards a new phygital and circular approach. She also stressed the significance of building a strong team of partners, mentors, business leaders, educators, and talented individuals as part of their Web2 to Web3 approach.

Mike Charalambous, Co-founder and CEO of Threedium, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Faith Tribe, emphasizing their joint mission to revolutionize the fashion industry. Threedium’s advanced 3D infrastructure will empower fashion designers worldwide, enabling them to create exceptional brands and products while prioritizing cost-efficiency and sustainability.

DRESSX Co-founders, Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, expressed their delight in partnering with Faith Tribe. They emphasized the shared vision for a better future in the fashion industry and their eagerness to showcase the results of their collaboration to the fashion community.

Vivien Zhang, Founder of Solaire, expressed excitement about collaborating with Faith Tribe to reshape the future of fashion. Together, they aim to fuse technology, business acumen, and boundless creativity, unlocking new horizons for the fashion community.

Faith Tribe’s leadership team, with extensive experience in the fashion and retail space, understands the need for a new approach to business planning and platforms for phygital commerce in the evolving fashion ecosystem.

The Faith Tribe platform will also feature a Creative Hub, serving as a platform to showcase member creations, collaborations, and phygital collections.

The membership platform, partner services, phygital programs, and on-chain services will be launched in phases, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience for participants. Phil Bagnall, Faith Tribe’s Director of Technology, emphasized the platform’s scalability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its members.

For more information about Faith Tribe and its innovative platform, please contact [email protected].

Joey Hourany
Faith Tribe
[email protected]

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