Ema, a Startup Building Conversational AI for Women’s Health, Raises Nearly M

Our recent funding and rapid B2B growth validate our approach and enable us to further our mission.”

— Amanda Ducach, Founder, EMA App

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ema, a generative AI platform dedicated to transforming women’s health and wellness, has successfully closed its latest bridge round, bringing its total funding to nearly $2 million. The round saw participation from notable firms such as Kubera Ventures and Victorum Capital, to now join the ranks of fellow investors such as Hearst Labs, Wormhole Capital, Acumen America, and Techstars just to name a few.

Founded on the principle that women’s health deserves personalized, empathetic, and evidence-based support, Ema leverages cutting-edge generative AI (GenAI) technology to offer personalized health assistance at scale. This innovative approach has not only resonated within the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space with more than 100,000 users, but has also made substantial inroads into the B2B sector, securing over $100K in contracts within just 30 days after pivoting to this model.

“Ema was born from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of AI to make women’s health care more accessible and effective,” said Amanda Ducach, CEO of Ema. “Our recent funding and rapid B2B growth validate our approach and enable us to further our mission.”

A New Era in Women’s Health and Wellness

Ema distinguishes itself by offering an AI assistant that is not only built for women by women but also trained by licensed health professionals, with 97% of medical professionals that test Ema saying they would recommend it. This ensures that every interaction is informed, sensitive, and aligned with the latest in women’s health care. Nurture Therapy, among others, has recognized the value of integrating Ema into their practice, offering patients 24/7 support alongside traditional therapy sessions.

With its ability to handle a comprehensive range of health, mental health, and parenting questions, Ema provides immediate relief to users, especially those navigating postpartum anxiety. The platform also guides users through therapeutic exercises, such as journaling, further supporting their mental health journey.

Expanding Impact Through Employee Benefits

Beyond its consumer and business applications, Ema is set to make a significant impact in the employee benefits space. In a post-COVID world where the female workforce faces unprecedented challenges, Ema offers a unique solution that supports women through all stages of their health journey, potentially increasing productivity, improving return rates from maternity leave, and reducing absenteeism in the workplace.

“Our vision extends beyond immediate health concerns; we see Ema as a companion that can support women throughout their lives, offering guidance, support, and understanding whenever they need it,” Ducach explained. “This latest round of funding will help us expand into new areas, including employee benefits, where we believe we can make a substantial difference.”

About Ema

Ema is a leading AI-driven platform focused on improving women’s health and wellness. By combining empathetic, evidence-based support with the efficiency and scalability of AI, Ema empowers women and businesses in the health sector to achieve better health outcomes. Built and trained by experts in women’s health, Ema stands out for its nuanced and comprehensive support system, making it a preferred partner for businesses looking to enhance their women’s health offerings.

Ema invites everyone to experience its transformative power firsthand. Interested individuals can demo Ema directly on the Ema website or explore its capabilities on the OpenAI GPT storefront.

Learn more on how Ema can make a difference in your business today at https://www.emaapp.co/.

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