Elevating House’s Screen Door Game with Apollo Screen and Shade

Effortless and elegant screen and shade systems with no fuss

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — When building a home, adding a screen door to the main door and shade systems is beneficial in the long run. While screen doors and shade systems are not exactly the most appealing, Apollo Screen and Shade have perfected advanced screen and shade solutions that exude elegant functionality that are perfectly fit for modern lifestyles.

Bid goodbye to slamming roller type screens as each and every Apollo Screen and Shade’s Retractable Screen Door includes an engineered, built in slow close device. It has a superior tracking system and well thought out design that allows the screen to be as flush as possible to the doorway, which enables the screen to expand and retract effortlessly.

For those who are seeking shade solutions, any patio or outdoor space can be transformed into a modern oasis with Apollo Screen and Shade’s exterior motorized shades. Their advanced sidetrack retainer keeps patio screens taught and bug free, all it takes is just a push of a button and one can relax all day long.

Apollo Screen and Shade is a product of passion and commitment to providing customers with high quality screen and shade systems and excellent service. Aside from their retractable screen door, they also manufacture both motorized and manual screen and shade systems that are durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Check out https://apolloscreen.com/ for more information.

About Apollo Screen and Shade

Apollo Screen and Shade is a manufacturer of the world’s finest retractable screens and shades.

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