Dr. Helen Thomas of Thomas Chiropractic & Ayurveda to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — If you are experiencing back, neck, muscle and joint pain most likely you will seek out a chiropractor that will help you ease the pain and inflammation throughout your body and restore proper movement to your joints. Chiropractic care is known as a holistic approach to wellness because it focuses on promoting our overall health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgery. Although there are many excellent chiropractors available there are some practitioners who go above and beyond so we can finally live a pain free, joyful, abundant life.

Dr. Helen Thomas is a highly sought after Chiropractor and the owner of Thomas Chiropractic & Ayurveda where every one of her patients receive personalized treatment. She is also the author of Ayurveda: The A-Z Guide To Healing Techniques From Ancient India. Dr. Helen Thomas has worked with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Vasant Lad, Raju and her mentor, Dr. Narendra Pendse, MD of Pune and Mumbai, India.

In her forty years of clinic practice, Dr. Helen has been dedicated to helping her patients heal as quickly and effectively as possible. She recognizes that a high percentage of our illness and diseases are spiritually rooted, that’s why she works holistically considering the full of picture of our mind, body, and spirit to achieve overall health. In fact, when we feel sick the only way to heal effectively, she says, is to get to the root cause of our illness. Unfortunately, Western medicine seeks to treat the symptom not the cause. If we pull a muscle our physician will give us a pain reliever. When we get headaches we take Excedrins. If we feel stressed, we reach for a Xanax. These medicines treat symptoms but can’t cure the illness that cause them in the first place, not to mention the many risky side effects.

Dr. Helen wants us to heal every aspect our being. The mind body and spirit connection are therefore a fundamental part of her work because it facilitates our body’s natural ability to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s why in addition to her chiropractic treatments, she combines Ayurveda as a complementary therapy with absolutely outstanding results. Seeing the results her patients have as they consistently overcome disease pain and regain their health and shift from depressed to joyful drives her to keep on going.

For over thirty years she has been following her tried and true methods incorporating science based, research proven ways to improve physical and mental health into all of her services. She begins by detoxing the body using lasers to flush out inflammation. She also uses a state -of the -art machine called The Life Vessel which triggers an incredible relaxation response. She will discuss in more details in her interview.

Dr. Helen also wrote an amazing, informative book, Ayurveda: The A-Z Guide To Healing Techniques From Ancient India, in its second edition is a must read offering a complete guide and in depth insight to help us along in our healing journey to the best health.

Dr. Thomas also thoroughly and passionately educates her patients on food as medicine. Eating processed foods she says is literally the most egregious mistake we can make. Moreover, emotional pain sticks in our bodies and is linked to physical illnesses. In order to be at our most optimal heath we must incorporate a healthy diet, get plenty of rest and sleep, get regular exercise and, manage our stress management. Once we have this understanding, healing can occur in all areas of our lives.

Dr. Thomas’s mission is to help us acquire genuine happiness through healing so we can see the world through new eyes. There continues to be confusion around what natural healing really means and how to incorporate a regular practice into daily life. This is where Dr Helen comes in. She is committed to helping others learn about and experience the wide range of benefits which include positive changes in both physical and mental health so we can truly live our very best lives.

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Helen Thomas in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday September 21st at 11 a.m. EST

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Her YouTube Channel is Dr. Helen Mary Thomas DC Ayurveda Educator

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