Culturati Unveils “Unlocking Gen Z 2.0©2023 Report: What Is Shaping and Defining Gen Z”

Revealing Insights into Generation Z’s Culture, Shopping, and Connectivity

Brands that speak to our young generation in a more personal way draw attention more easily online…”

— Jake Martin

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — As a part of its Gen Z Intelligence Series Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. (Culturati), a pioneering leader in U.S. cross-cultural and generational intelligence, proudly announces the release of its groundbreaking report – “Unlocking Gen Z 2.0©2023“. This comprehensive research delves into the intricate factors shaping and defining Gen Z-ers, providing unparalleled insights drawn from a robust sample size.

Generation Z, the youngest segment of the workforce, wields significant influence, boasting an estimated disposable income of $360 billion as of 2022. Moreover, their purchasing power extends beyond individual transactions, often affecting family spending decisions.

The socio-political landscape, economic dynamics, and rapid technological advancements of the last two decades have shaped the upbringing, values, and mindset of Gen Z-ers, differentiating them markedly from preceding generations. Understanding their distinct behaviors, motivators, and idiosyncrasies is pivotal for effective engagement and connection.

This research examines Gen Z-ers aged 18 and above in parallel with Millennials and Gen X, leveraging comparative studies conducted approximately a decade ago. This unique approach provides an illuminating view of current Gen Z consumers versus Millennials at comparable life stages, revealing distinctive traits specific to Gen Z versus mere age-related patterns. These insights form the basis for brands to establish more resonant connections, underlining key nuances compared to older generations and across diverse racial and ethnic segments.

The “Unlocking Gen Z 2.0©2023” report consists of three main elements – Culture & Lifestyle, Shopper Insights, and Media Preferences. Culture & Lifestyle topics include understanding ways they connect with their culture, top life priorities, and definitions of success. Shopper Insights shares valuable data on shopper styles and what they seek from online and in-store shopping experiences. The report also dives into their media preferences, including how they spend their time engaging with various forms of media, top social media platforms and how they use them, and characteristics that make influencers more trustworthy and appealing. By dissecting the diverse Gen Z population, this report illuminates similarities and disparities, enabling brands to forge deeper, more meaningful connections and amplify resonance both presently and in the future.

The report is also infused with qualitative insights from Gen Z consultants, including Jake Martin, who took a deep dive into understanding Gen Z brand preferences and media usage. “Brands that speak to our young generation in a more personal way draw attention more easily online, especially those that have a good social media team that creates a ‘personality’ for the brand and makes it feel relatable,” Jake Martin stated.

Moreover, the report features an in-depth exploration using Culturati’s Hispanic segmentation model, spotlighting the largest Gen Z segments, Latinistas and Savvy Blenders, among other key findings.

“We are thrilled to present the ‘Unlocking Gen Z 2.0©2023’ report, a thorough exploration offering a comprehensive view of Generation Z’s multifaceted landscape,” remarked Marissa Romero, Culturati’s Chief Insights Officer. “This report arms brands and marketers with invaluable insights, enabling them to craft strategies that resonate deeply with Gen Z-ers, fostering enduring connections.”

Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. is a leading authority in U.S. cross-cultural and generational intelligence. With a commitment to delivering nuanced insights and innovative strategies, Culturati empowers brands to navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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