Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Working to Improve Rural Employment Opportunities

The graph above shows the seasonally adjusted Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment data for Colorado (Source: CDLE Press Release, dated January 19, 2024.) #CDLE #Colorado #workgapsolution #laborforce

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Reducing unemployment numbers in rural locations will enhance the workforce, putting more Coloradans in jobs and increasing employment numbers across the state. #workforce #colorado #workgapsolution #hireforskills #robusteconomy #employmentmomentum

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The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment continues its efforts to drive economic growth and prosperity in rural communities and statewide. #economicgrowth #rural #colorado #workgapsolution #prosperity #smallbusiness #coloradans

The CDLE continuing to support rural communities and building on the positive employment momentum, statewide, will help improve Colorado’s economy, overall.

By implementing these suggestions and working collaboratively with stakeholders, we can continue to drive economic growth and prosperity in rural communities.”

— Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

DENVER, CO, USA, February 27, 2024 / — In light of the Colorado Department of Labor’s efforts to improve rural employment opportunities, here are five key suggestions to further decrease rural unemployment percentages, within the next three years:

1. Promote Remote Work Opportunities: Facilitate partnerships with businesses to create more remote work opportunities for rural residents. This can help bridge the gap between urban and rural employment rates and provide rural communities with access to a broader range of job opportunities.

2. Invest In Skills Development: Launch initiatives to provide rural residents with access to training programs and skill development opportunities.

3. Support Entrepreneurship: Foster an environment conducive to entrepreneurship by offering resources and support to aspiring business owners in rural areas. Encouraging local entrepreneurship can stimulate economic growth and create new job opportunities within these communities.

4. Expand Broadband Access: Improve broadband infrastructure in rural areas to enhance connectivity and enable remote work and online learning. Access to high-speed internet can open up new possibilities for rural residents, including access to online job opportunities and education resources.

5. Collaborate with Work Gap Solution: Utilize Work Gap Solution, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, to streamline hiring processes and connect job seekers with employers. By leveraging their expertise, innovative solutions, and training resources (via Liveable Wage NOW), they strive to help Coloradan individuals and communities, efficiently matching skilled workers with available job openings and working to reduce unemployment rates in rural areas.

Remaining dedicated to supporting rural communities and building on the positive employment momentum will help create a more vibrant and inclusive economy for all Coloradans.

The January 2024 Colorado Employment Situation Report will be released at 8:00 AM MST on Monday, March 11, 2024. This report will provide information on industry employment and labor force statistics for January 2024, the most current estimates available from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

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