Coco de Chom Selected to Participate in Wildly Respected Hook’d Magazine Spring Fashion Show

Photography by Joyati Modak, Sofia Alvarez

Photography by Joyati Modak, Sofia Alvarez

Photography by Joyati Modak, Sofia Alvarez

Photography by Joyati Modak, Sofia Alvarez

Photography by Joyati Modak, Sofia Alvarez

The fashion brand is owned by a talented and dedicated mother-daughter duo.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — The founders of Coco de Chom are thrilled to announce their recent participation in the highly anticipated Hook’d Magazine Spring Fashion Show on Saturday, April 15th, 2023.

Coco de Chom is a fashion brand created by mother-daughter duo, with the daughter, Chomtale Chitsakul, being a first- year business student at Mccombs. Having started the business in 2020, the company has already reached more than 500,000 people who have seen the brand and still found time to support local artisans and give back to their community.

In the brand’s most recent news, Coco de Chom was recently hand-selected to join the well-respected Hook’d Magazine Spring Fashion Show on April 15th. The show featured student designers as they showcased their stories through their own original garments and provided them with an opportunity to meet, work, learn, and exchange experience with the other people who have the same passion for fashion design.

“When we were informed that we were chosen for such a momentous occasion, we were over the moon with excitement to tell our brand’s story,” say the brand’s founders. “Our collection is inspired by the spirit of the ocean and our brand has a beach lifestyle at its heart. To showcase how far we’ve come was such a humbling experience and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

The Coco de Chom brand was started when the mother-daughter duo was stuck indoors during the Coronavirus outbreak. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they started Coco de Chom to create a feeling of being on vacation, even while staying at home, and to provide work for some of those affected by the pandemic.

“We used our home confinement to fulfill a dream of doing our ‘own thing’ together,” they state. “I wish I could say we had solid ideas, brilliant business plans, and fashion business experience, but neither of us had none of that. What we did have were guts and determination – and a passion for helping artisans to have jobs creating handmade products.”

“Where were many ups, downs, hiccups, and roadblocks,” they say, “but amongst all of the challenges and setbacks we met along the way, we never lost faith and conquered them all together. Every step of the journey taught us valuable lessons and brought us immense joy and pride for what we were creating. We believe nothing is as important as our passion and we are working hard to live our dreams.”

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About the Company

Coco de Chom is a brand-new fashion brand created by an energetic and talented mother-daughter duo.

Before creating Coco de Chom, the mom was a Sales Rep climbing the ranks of corporate America, while the daughter was a high school newbie with big dreams. Despite their different paths, the dynamic duo always found joy in traveling together, which also sparked the idea for their brand. Having been born in, and growing up in, Thailand, the country’s beautiful nature was always close to their hearts. As such, the brand’s designs are inspired by beaches, islands, and the shapes and shades of the tropical nature there.

At its very core, Coco de Chom’s mission is to help consumers think about the beach vacation lifestyle, fill them with joy, and provide the most superior shopping experience. Additionally, the company aims to support local artisans and minimize environmental impact.

Chomtale Chitsakul, Co-founder
Coco de Chom
[email protected]

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