Call for Entries for the 2023 International Short Video Competition Begins


NEW YORK, AMERICA, December 11, 2023 / — The fusion of technology and culture stands as a distinctive symbol of the sprawling Belt and Road Initiative, echoing the millennia-old legacy of the ancient Silk Road. To further enhance and refine international communication capabilities, deeply understand the pulse of the era, and enrich civilizational exchanges, the call for entries for the 2023 International Short Video Competition (2023 ISVC) has officially commenced, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road initiative.

The 2023 ISVC, authorized by the National Radio and Television Administration and hosted by the Radio and Television Administration of Shandong Province, focuses on the theme “New Visions for Prosperity, Shared Along the Silk Road.” This competition is dedicated to showcasing an authentic, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive view of China to the world. It aims to foster a broad international consensus on the joint development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the creation of a community with a shared future for mankind. Moreover, this global competition invites short video creators to submit their works by February 29, 2024.

Participants are encouraged to express their perspectives related to the “Belt and Road” theme, sharing their personal stories, positive changes, insights, or creations from their lives, families, businesses, or organizations. The goal is to illustrate the significant changes and profound impacts in economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and personal development across various domains since the inception of the Belt and Road Initiative a decade ago. Furthermore, the competition offers three first prizes, six second prizes, and ten third prizes, and will recognize 100 outstanding entries and several excellent organization awards. Contestants can publish their entries on short video platforms, using the official hashtag #2023 ISVC, or participate in related platform-specific events. After publishing their videos, they must submit their entry details through the official website or the official WeChat account.

According to reports, since its inception in 2021, the ISVC has evolved into a renowned international audio-visual communication brand and cultural hallmark, integrating short video contests, creative camps, results announcement ceremonies, and global screenings. Last year’s 2022 ISVC drew widespread participation from various sectors. The contest collected over 2,800 submissions globally, including more than 600 works in English and Chinese from countries and regions like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Pakistan. Engagement with official topics on leading domestic platforms reached 3.98 billion, accompanied by over 3,000 news reports. The cumulative viewership on overseas platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube exceeded 13.8 million views, leading to the emergence of several viral hits that made a significant impact on the industry.

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