Beacon Media + Marketing Introduces New Ads Benchmark Data for Mental Health Providers
Beacon Media + Marketing Introduces New Ads Benchmark Data for Mental Health Providers

UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — Beacon Media + Marketing has released new benchmark data on digital ads for Mental Health service providers.

The data helps mental health service providers gauge if they are spending more or less on digital advertising than the industry average and determine if their advertising is performing above or below the industry average. With this data, mental health providers can reduce spending and adjust their strategies for greater returns on their digital marketing budget.

Ad performance data was gathered from over 60 mental health clinics, ranging in size from large franchises to private practices. The data provides industry averages for paid ads on Facebook and Google, including average cost-per-click (CPC) and average cost to acquire a client (CAC).

Beacon highlights the following benchmarks and strategies designed to help mental health clinics determine how their digital advertising strategies are performing in comparison to industry standards:

• Average Cost per Click for Google and Facebook ads.

• Average Cost per Conversion for Google ads.

• Average conversions for Google ads.

• Average leads returned by Facebook ads.

Benchmark data for the 25th percentile and 75th percentile range in each of the categories above is also provided.

With this data, mental health service providers can determine how well their digital advertising is performing. If they spend at or below industry average rates per conversion and lead, their strategy is performing well. If they spend above the industry average per lead and conversion, they may need to revisit their strategy.

This benchmark data can also determine the amounts that need to be budgeted to reach their client acquisition goals.

Beacon Media + Marketing helps mental health clinics leverage these digital marketing benchmarks and strategies to reach more patients and make a meaningful impact in the mental health community. To learn more or to join our Benchmark Group reach out today.

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