AssetGo partners with Weston Park Cancer Charity to enhance efficiency and driver welfare
AssetGo partners with Weston Park Cancer Charity to enhance efficiency and driver welfare

AssetGo Fleet Management System
Weston Park Cancer Charity

AssetGo help Weston Park Cancer Charity

South Yorkshire based cancer charity uses leading fleet management solution to optimise vehicle management and improve driver welfare.

I’d fully recommend AssetGo, the system has meant that vehicle maintenance is kept up to date, reducing vehicle downtime. AssetGo doesn’t charge us for using the system, which is greatly appreciated.”

— Sara Bean, Weston Park Cancer Charity

SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, July 1, 2024 / — Sheffield based AssetGo, a leading provider of fleet management solutions, has partnered with Weston Park Cancer Charity to transform their vehicle management processes, ensuring enhanced efficiency and driver welfare. Through this collaboration, AssetGo extends its support to Weston Park Cancer Charity by providing free access to its comprehensive platform.

Weston Park Cancer Charity, known for their commitment to providing emotional and practical support to individuals and families affected by cancer, sought a solution to streamline their vehicle management operations. With over 30 dedicated employees and a pool car utilised for charitable events and day-to-day activities, the charity faced challenges in tracking mileage, ensuring regular maintenance checks and monitoring vehicle usage.

The previous paper-based system used by Weston Park Cancer Charity posed several limitations, including the risk of errors, lost records and difficulties in maintenance tracking. Moreover, the lack of regular maintenance checks not only jeopardised driver safety but also led to prolonged vehicle downtime, hindering the charity’s crucial activities.

Recognising the urgency to address these challenges, Weston Park Cancer Charity embarked on a quest to find an innovative fleet management solution that would cater to their specific requirements. After meticulous evaluation, the charity selected AssetGo for its comprehensive functionality and commitment to meeting their unique needs.

AssetGo’s advanced platform automates daily checks, provides real-time visibility of vehicle issues, tracks usage and facilitates seamless communication with drivers. By enabling swift fault diagnosis and repair, AssetGo significantly reduces vehicle downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations for Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Sara Bean, Volunteer Officer at Weston Park Cancer Charity, praised AssetGo for its user-friendly interface, flexible features and real-time view on vehicle status. She thanked AssetGo’s for their support, emphasising the system’s pivotal role in optimising vehicle maintenance, reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

“We are so impressed by the system that we are now looking to use it for other vehicles within the fleet,” stated Sara, highlighting AssetGo’s potential to drive further efficiencies across the charity’s operations.

AssetGo remains committed to empowering Weston Park Cancer Charity by providing access to its cutting-edge fleet management solution, free of charge. Through this partnership, AssetGo confirms its dedication to fostering efficiency, safety and sustainability in the charity sector.

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