ZEBEDEE Announces Massive ZBD App Upgrade, Rolls Out Alpha Access To New Social Layer With Real Micropayments

ZEBEDEE announces new social features in the ZBD app.

Join the waitlist to get exclusive early access to ZBD’s groundbreaking social media network.

Now you can recognize and support your friends, inspiring influencers or simply funny posts by zapping them – sending them a “like” equipped with a tiny amount of Bitcoin.

This Social Feature Transforms User Engagement into Monetary Value—Users Own Their Identity And Keep 99% Of Earnings

The new social layer within the ZBD app delivers an all-in-one space for people to connect, play, and earn while embracing our core values.”

— André Neves, CTO and Co-founder, ZEBEDEE

HOBOKEN, NJ, US, June 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — ZEBEDEE, the game-changing Consumer FinTech player turning heads with its rewarded entertainment, Bitcoin Lightning-powered ecosystem, announced today that they’re opening the doors to an early alpha of the biggest upgrade of the ZBD app yet: Social.

Introducing the game-changing social layer in the ZBD app! This enhancement reimagines what a social media app can be, offering an experience fit for the global digital economy. With the ZBD app, engagement and content becomes value-driven and fair: creators keep 99% of any payment!

It’s time to welcome a new era of social media, one where individuals are recognized and rewarded. ZBD empowers people from all walks of life to participate and instantly monetize their online identities. Powered by Nostr, the explosive decentralized protocol now boasting more than 2 million users—itself created at NBD (http://nbd.wtf), ZEBEDEE’s open-source arm—ZBD presents a brighter future for social media.

ZEBEDEE also announced several launch partners alongside the new features: Fumb Games, Wavlake, Fountain, and Gesso. These partnerships unlock innovative new opportunities for users to earn within the ZBD ecosystem through engaging with games, podcasts, music and art. ZBD empowers its users to embrace a new era of social media, where their passions are recognized and their creativity rewarded.

Major social features of the new ZBD app include:

– “Zaps”: a simple social media “like” is actually a micropayment as tiny as $0.0002.

– Open Social Media: Messages, profiles and posts flow across any Nostr-powered app or website, removing being tied into one platform. Or kicked out of it.

– Send money via DMs: encrypted chats, but with built-in payments.

– More People, More Fun: Follow your friends and over 2 million people outside the ZBD app.

– Many Ways to Earn: Engage with games, podcasts, music, art & much more to unlock diverse earning opportunities.

“ZEBEDEE is all about empowering people through open, decentralized technologies. The new social layer within the ZBD app delivers an all-in-one space for people to connect, play, and earn while embracing our core values. We’re spicing up the ZBD ecosystem to offer an unprecedented user experience, blending social media, gaming, shopping, and Bitcoin,” said André Neves, CTO and Co-founder, ZEBEDEE.

With this announcement, the company is extending an open invitation to join the waitlist for alpha access to this new feature, where users can help shape the future of social media and truly cash in on their digital identity with “zaps”.

To secure early access to this upgrade of the ZBD app, available for iOS and Android, users can sign up at https://zeb.gg/early-access. Or go to https://zbd.gg/ and follow https://twitter.com/zbdapp on their legacy social media platform of choice.

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