Styling Singapore’s Soul: Aaron Tan’s Salons
Styling Singapore’s Soul: Aaron Tan’s Salons

Donation to Non Profit Organization Sian Chay Medical Instituation

President Challenge  with President Halima and Aaron Tan

President Challenge with President Halima and Aaron Tan

Raja Perlis giving CEO of Keolleo Glam Aaron Tan Recognition

Raja Perlis giving CEO of Keolleo Glam Aaron Tan Recognition

Aaron Tan Choong Han, Singapore’s ‘Charity Prince’, merges beauty & compassion at his salons, donating to groups like Sian Chay & aiding the needy weekly.

SINGAPORE, October 29, 2023 / — “More than a haircut, it’s a heart-touch.” This sentiment encapsulates the ethos of Keolleo Glam Pte Ltd, Rigel Parlour Pte Ltd, Keolleo Bar Salon Pte Ltd, Le Coiffure Corner Pte Ltd, and Keolleo Glam – the latest addition to the esteemed lineup. All these establishments are directed by the visionary, Aaron Tan Choong Han. Known endearingly as the “Charity Prince,” Aaron has cultivated a unique blend of beauty and benevolence in the heart of Singapore.

Under the emblematic banner of these esteemed establishments, clients are offered an experience that goes beyond the realms of traditional hair and beauty salons. Each salon stands as a testament to Aaron’s commitment to redefining the essence of beauty in the industry. Specifically, Keolleo Glam has been making waves with its Korean Wave Perm, Head Scalping Treatment, and Unlimited Bleach services, providing clients with the latest trends and treatments in hair care.

The ‘Charity Prince’ title is not just a moniker; it’s a role Aaron has embraced wholeheartedly. Beyond the stylish interiors and the transformative hair and beauty services, lies a deeper mission of social responsibility. The salons have consistently shown unwavering support to charity groups, notably Sian Chay, contributing significant donations that make a tangible difference.

But Aaron’s charitable endeavors are not limited to monetary contributions. The teams from his salons have been frequent visitors to children’s homes and old folks’ homes, providing not just their professional services but also their warmth and companionship. These visits resonate with love, laughter, and stories, bridging generational gaps and creating moments of pure joy.

Furthermore, every week, with a dedication that never wanes, the salons have been buying and distributing food to the needy. These acts of kindness, often overlooked, have become a cornerstone of the salons’ operations, ensuring that the community’s most vulnerable are not forgotten.

Behind every charitable act, there’s the unwavering support of the salons’ clientele. “It’s not just us doing good deeds,” says Aaron, “It’s our customers too. Their support and trust in our services, including the specialized treatments from Keolleo Glam, enable us to give back so generously. Every charitable act, every donation, every visit, we do it on behalf of our customers.”

In a world often characterized by fleeting trends and transient beauty, Aaron Tan Choong Han’s salons stand as enduring symbols of true beauty – one that comes from the heart and extends a hand to those in need. The Charity Prince and his salons are not just shaping styles; they are shaping the very soul of Singapore’s community.

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President Challenge with President Halima and Aaron Tan

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