Red Herring Games Offers a Cost-Friendly Entertainment Solution During a Financially Tough Holiday Season


Playing Cosykiller at home

Playing Cosykiller at home

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Video inspector brings to life the at home experience

More People are Turning to Crime this Christmas: with a Murder Mystery Solution to the Credit Crunch

Over the last 15 years more and more firms have come into the space, but time and time again we see customers coming back to us because of the quality of games and service we provide.”

— Jo Smedley

GRIMSBY, LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND, December 20, 2023 / — More People are Turning to Crime this Christmas: With A Murder Mystery Solution to the Credit Crunch

In a bid to navigate the challenges of the credit crunch this festive season, individuals are turning to a unique and cost-effective form of entertainment: murder mystery parties. With the rising costs of dining out, traditional entertainment, and the need for more affordable options, hosting murder mystery parties has once again become a popular choice for families and friends to come together.

Affordable Entertainment for All

As the cost of living continues to rise, families are seeking budget-friendly alternatives for entertainment. Murder mystery parties provide a solution, offering an engaging and entertaining experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional outings. Downloadable murder mystery games, such as “Murder at Merkister Hall,” a traditional Cluedo/Christie style game or “Gangsters, Guns and Garters” a mobster themed game, are available for as little as £3 per person, providing two hours or more of interactive entertainment.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Expensive Cinemas

With cinema ticket prices soaring above £9 per person, families are finding it hard to justify the expense. Murder mystery parties offer a compelling alternative, allowing families to enjoy an immersive experience at home without the hefty price tag. Hosting a murder mystery game not only reduces costs but also provides a unique and interactive form of entertainment that encourages social interaction and engagement.

Less Screen Time, More Quality Time

In a world dominated by screens, murder mystery parties offer a refreshing break from digital overload. Families and friends can bond over solving crimes, fostering a sense of camaraderie while enjoying a memorable and cost-effective holiday experience.

Bring and Share Dinners with a Deadly Twist

Instead of opting for expensive dinners at restaurants, people are embracing the trend of hosting at home, combining take-aways or home cooked food with a thrilling murder mystery experience. Games like “T’was a Death Before Christmas” also offer a perfect backdrop to what used to be called Pot luck suppers. Where each invitee brings a dish to share. The interactive entertainment provided by the game creates memorable evenings with friends, and thanks to everyone chipping in with the food and drink – the evening won’t break the bank.

Filling in the New Year wait

An ideal solution to the pre-midnight activities, murder mysteries give an excuse for fancy dress and a night of fun for friends intent on celebrating the end to what has been, for many, a difficult year financially.

Finding the right solution

Red Herring Games have been the number one provider in the murder mystery space for 15 years.

“Christmas has always been a busy time of the year for us,” said Jo Smedley, Managing Director of Red Herring Games. “Over the last 15 years more and more firms have come into the space, but time and time again we see customers coming back to us because of the quality of games and service we provide.”

If you’re going to invite your nearest and dearest, you want the best experience for everyone. It’s why we’re the go-to provider of both downloadable and printed kits world wide.”

For a fraction of the cost of traditional holiday activities, hosting a murder mystery party means that turning to crime this Christmas is a fun alternative which is a budget-friendly, entertaining, and social – and unlike other criminal activities, won’t land you with a jail sentence in 2024!

About Red Herring Games

Red Herring game has been providing murder mystery experiences worldwide since 2007.

Red Herring Games became something of a household name during the pandemic when more people than ever experienced the fun of murder mysteries via zoom with friends, and it continues to expand providing events in the corporate and private entertainment sector, as well as traditional role play games, escape games and a subscription service for armchair sleuths under the brand name “Cosykiller”.

Jo Smedley is one of the UKs foremost female assassins – at least, that’s how she usually introduces herself. But when you meet her yourself you’ll find out she’s a not-so-serious-serial-killer, as her victims are always fictional. A mother of two, she began her company while on maternity leave from the NHS and never returned. Her firm Red Herring Games now has customers all over the globe and provides more deaths to order as export than it does to the UK year on year.

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Not just dinner parties – they also create virtaul events.

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