Mental Health Advocate, Author and Podcast Host Marni Goldman Uses Personal Story To Inspire Resilience and Empowerment

Meet Marni Goldman!

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 9, 2023 / — Marni Goldman, a mental health advocate, empowerment coach, author and podcast host, is leveraging her personal journey to inspire resilience, promote mental health awareness and empower individuals worldwide.

In her latest initiatives, Marni Goldman reaches a broad audience with her powerful message of hope, persistence and self-empowerment. Her groundbreaking work in mental health advocacy has helped many individuals to navigate their mental health struggles and find the strength within themselves to overcome their challenges.

“Nobody inspires me as much as Marni does,” says Eva Rador. “Marni is a guiding light towards healing, offering compassion, empathy and understanding to everyone she speaks to.”

As an author, Marni Goldman has written “True to Myself: Peace, Love, Marni” sharing her personal experiences with mental health struggles and recovery. The book provides practical advice, tools and strategies for those facing similar issues, acting as a beacon of hope for those in the throes of their own mental health battles.

Her popular podcast, “Tragic to Magic,” dives deeper into these themes. Covering topics ranging from traumatic life experiences to everyday struggles, the podcast serves as a platform to educate, inspire and promote open discussions around mental health.

“Marni helped me navigate the intricate corridors of my mind, and I am forever grateful for the impact she has made on my life,” says Dana Berman. “Her compassion, combined with valuable insight and effective strategies to promote mental well-being, helped heal my mind.”

As an empowerment coach, she provides one-on-one coaching and group workshops, assisting individuals to find their inner strength and resilience. Her approach is centered on compassion, empathy and practical skills-building, guiding her clients towards a healthier and more fulfilled life. Marni’s mission is to help others find their sparkle and live their best lives.

For more information about Marni Goldman, view her sizzle reel here or visit, @peace_love_marni on Instagram, @Marni Goldman on Facebook, @Marni Goldman on LinkedIn and @peacelovemarni on TikTok.

About Marni Goldman

Marni Goldman is a mental health advocate, empowerment coach, author and podcast host who has weathered the storms and triumphs of life, now emerging with an unwavering belief in the importance of mental health. Having navigated many of her own mental health struggles, she shares her journey to help inspire resilience and empowerment in others. Her work spans across various platforms, including her books, her podcast and her coaching services, reaching a broad audience worldwide. Marni is a beacon of hope for anyone who has ever felt defeated, reminding us that miracles do happen, that survival is possible and that giving up is never an option.

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