Intelus Agency Offers Unique Subscription-Based LinkedIn Marketing Packages

Intelus Agency

Intelus Agency introduces new LinkedIn marketing packages, emphasizing quality, personalization, and measurable results.

Our mission at Intelus Agency is to revolutionize LinkedIn marketing by prioritizing quality, personalization, and measurable results for our esteemed clients.”

— Chris Mitchell – Founder of Intelus Agency

ATHENS, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — Intelus Agency is excited to announce the release of its subscription-based LinkedIn marketing packages, aiming to enhance how businesses connect with their target audiences on LinkedIn. The goal of Intelus Agency’s approach is to bring positive changes to the realm of digital marketing. While conventional LinkedIn marketing services adopt generic approaches, Intelus Agency embraces a commitment to quality, personalization, and genuine value.

LinkedIn, being a powerhouse platform for lead generation and business growth, has seen a surge in marketing services over the years. In contrast to many other services that use automated and generic strategies, Intelus Agency understands the significance of differentiation in today’s competitive digital landscape. Their distinct approach is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Intelus Agency firmly believes in underpromising and overdelivering when it comes to providing genuine value to its clients. Intelus Agency’s commitment to this principle sets them apart in the industry. Through its full-service LinkedIn marketing packages, the agency provides a comprehensive range of services that include LinkedIn content creation & posting, manual LinkedIn outreach, and full-funnel LinkedIn ads. This end-to-end solution ensures businesses receive the utmost attention and dedication, maximizing their potential for success.

Intelus Agency’s LinkedIn Newsfeed Marketing Approach

Rather than relying on generic copywriting and stock photos, Intelus Agency adopts a creative approach that perfectly aligns with brand guidelines. They understand the importance of representing their client’s unique identities and values, and their creative solutions reflect just that. The standard content packages offered by Intelus Agency feature custom copywriting and graphic design, carefully curated to align with each client’s brand guidelines. This approach ensures that every piece of content shared on LinkedIn embodies the unique voice and personality of the brand, fostering a deeper connection with the target audience.

Intelus Agency’s Stance On LinkedIn Automation

Automation has its place in marketing, but Intelus Agency firmly believes in the power of the human touch. While some may opt for an automated approach to LinkedIn outreach, Intelus values the significance of personal touch. They dedicate time to carefully hand-select and pre-qualify leads, ensuring a more tailored and meaningful engagement process. By forging authentic and meaningful connections through manual outreach, the agency establishes trust and rapport with potential clients. This approach translates into measurable revenue growth and long-lasting relationships that automated processes cannot replicate.

Intelus Agency’s LinkedIn Ad Philosophy

Rather than trying to convert cold audiences our of the gate with LinkedIn ads, Intelus Agency understands the intricacies of strategic segmentation. By employing targeted objective-based campaigns, the agency ensures that ad budgets are invested in the right places. The result? Reduced wasted ad spend and a lower cost per lead.

Intelus Agency Values Transparency

Intelus Agency believes in upfront and transparent communication with our clients. Unlike some agencies that employ hidden costs and custom pricing to maximize profits, they provide clear, flat-rate pricing directly on their website. There’s no need to fill out forms or endure high-pressure sales conversations to access this information. Their commitment to transparency empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their LinkedIn marketing strategies, ensuring no hidden surprises along the way.

For those who prefer a straightforward and low-risk solution to LinkedIn marketing and lead generation, Intelus Agency provides a frictionless option. They aim to simplify the process and offer a reliable approach for businesses looking to achieve their LinkedIn marketing goals with ease. Businesses can confidently outsource their LinkedIn marketing without sacrificing authenticity or jeopardizing their accounts. Intelus Agency’s proven methodologies and commitment to delivering real value make it the go-to partner for businesses looking to excel on LinkedIn.

About Intelus Agency

Intelus Agency is a cutting-edge digital marketing firm that specializes in LinkedIn marketing and lead generation. The agency’s mission is to deliver unparalleled value to its clients through personalized, human-centric strategies that foster genuine connections and drive tangible results. With a team of seasoned experts and a commitment to transparency, Intelus Agency continues to redefine the possibilities of LinkedIn marketing in the modern business landscape.

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