DOCTOR SCIENCE on Sunny Side YouTube
DOCTOR SCIENCE on Sunny Side YouTube

Doctor Science knows more than you do.

Doctor Science National Science Test was an Emmy Award Winning Public Television program.

ASK DOCTOR SCIENCE ran on over 400 public radio stations.

Doctor Science (Dan Coffey) and Rodney (Merle Kessler) answer listener questions. Long running public radio show was written by Coffey and Kessler.

The idea was to create great heaping wads of misinformation (i.e. jokes), and throw it out as gospel,”

— Merle Kessler

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 19, 2023/ — Forty DOCTOR SCIENCE answers to life questions released TODAY on Sunny Side YouTube.

Sunny Side YouTube is produced by Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre co-founder Bill Allard.

DUCK’S BREATH MYSTERY THEATRE was founded in Iowa City, Iowa in 1975. The five man comedy team created a plethora of comedy characters including RANDEE OF THE REDWOODS (Jim Turner) who ran for President on MTV and Doctor Science (Dan Coffey) and his long-suffering assistant Rodney (Merle Kessler) who answered listener questions on a public radio series called ASK DOCTOR SCIENCE..

Merle Kessler explains,

“ASK DOCTOR SCIENCE originated as a way to generate continuous content that rewards continued listening, without massive production.  The concept was developed through brainstorms between Dan Coffey and Merle Kessler, the Ducks most enamored with radio, believing without evidence that radio would be the entertainment platform of the future!  Keep it simple, short.  Two guys, a microphone, some production music cribbed from one of those production music records that public radio stations used to have lying around (to use as a music bed for the farm report, or the weekly community events round up).  Various experiments included a fake call-in advice program and a national traffic report, which remains a funny idea.  Finally, harking back to various classes and lectures and public statements, even books we had read, all with authority figures who fearlessly uttered proclamations in deep convincing voices that were untrue in every particular– Dr. Science was born. The idea was to create great heaping wads of misinformation (i.e. jokes), and throw it out as gospel, in response to questions from listeners.  It wound up amusing many for some years.”

Dan Coffey embodies Dr. Science, and Merle Kessler his stalwart laboratory assistant, Rodney.  Originally, the two created the questions for the good doctor (not a real doctor) to answer.  Quickly questions from actual listeners began pouring in.  Profits from this successful enterprise enabled the two to endow their own research facility, affectionately dubbed The Flummery, located in Delaware at an undisclosed location.  

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