BoomPress Fuels Kevin Iole’s Successful Brand Launch
BoomPress Fuels Kevin Iole’s Successful Brand Launch

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — BoomPress, a leading content management system (CMS) provider, is excited to announce the successful website launch of renowned sports journalist, Kevin Iole.

Iole has been covering combat sports for over 40 years. In February he decided to venture into a fully independent writer, creating his own recognizable brand and monetizing his website. The BoomPress platform helps to aid independent writers to create a unique and identifiable brand, publish content, monetize, and engage with their audience.

“The beauty of working with BoomPress is that from Day 1, I not only had a fully functioning, beautifully designed site, but I was also able to monetize my content,” Iole said. “They worked closely with me to create my company’s logo, wend our way through obstacles to get a tip jar on the site and have programmatic ads up and running in a matter of weeks. It was a one-stop shop and I was on my way from Day 1 worried only about content and not business or website issues.”

Added Iole, “I spoke extensively with Director of Client Growth Melissa Lloyd, as well as with CEO Adam Bertram, about what my idea was for and how I wanted it to look and feel. They never tried to force their opinions on me and worked closely with me in developing my idea into reality.

“BoomPress excels in offering a comprehensive CMS that equips writers with all the necessary tools to create their ideal site while monetizing it effectively,” Lloyd said. “In the current challenging landscape of the news industry, BoomPress provides the essential support many writers need to pursue independence. This enabled us to seamlessly assist Kevin in achieving his goal of going independent and managing his platform according to his vision.”

BoomPress helped to create a user-friendly website that presents his content and attracts a loyal following. By utilizing BoomPress’ monetization tools, Iole started to generate revenue from his website by displaying programmatic ads and direct sponsorships, all while continuing to produce high-quality content. BoomPress has quickly become the go-to platform for independent writers who want to establish a brand and monetize their site.

“My experience was wonderful, simple, professional and complete from beginning to end,” Iole said. “When I became aware of BoomPress, they communicated fully with me, answered a thousand and one questions patiently, fully and honestly, and told me clearly what they would do. Ultimately, they underpromised and over-delivered.”

About: BoomPress is a revolutionary software platform tailored for content creators, including writers, bloggers, authors, journalists, and artists. The platform eliminates the need for plug-ins and navigates away from the complexity typically found in open-source interfaces. Designed with usability at its core, BoomPress allows content creators to concentrate on generating compelling content for their target audiences while building and nurturing a robust user community.

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