Web3 x Buddhism: The beginning of Japanese cultural preservation in web3

Inside of Ryuganji Temple

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Goshuin Japan Project

Picture of Goshuin Japan x Ryuganji Temple NFT with Japanese Buddhist Stamp and caligraphy overlay.

Goshuin Japan x Ryuganji Temple NFT

Goshuin Japan aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Temples and Shrines around Japan through the digitization of Goshuin stamps via NFT.

As times have changed, shrines and temples have gradually become more distant from the lives of modern Japanese people.”

— 池口龍法

OSAKA, JAPAN, March 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Goshuin Japan aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Temples and Shrines around Japan through the digitization of Goshuin stamps via NFT.

Avalanche Ltd & the Company (株式会社アバランチ) collaborated with Kyoto Ryuganji Temple (龍岸寺), a temple known for its head-turning Drone Buddha Performance, and created Goshuin Japan to create a unique way to introduce lesser-known temples around Japan through the web3 community.

We’ve all been or want to go to bigger temples around Japan, such as Kinka-kuji or Kyomizu-dera, and many more. It’s a quintessential Japanese travel experience. What if we introduce and open up people’s itineraries for their next Japan trip through a web3 community?

The chief priest of Ryuganji Temple, Ikeguchi-san, enlightened the project by sharing the current state of the temples around Japan. Shrines and temples have been deeply rooted in Japanese life since ancient times, and in the past, they had a closer relationship with people’s lives. People rely on prayer for emotional support. The techniques essential to creating beautiful temple architecture, such as wood carving, lacquer painting, and gold leaf stamping, are the embodiment of prayer and gratitude from the community.

This project aims to let people not only in Japan but all over the world see the appeal of smaller shrines and temples and to develop and preserve Japanese cultural identity online for the future generation through the web3 community and collect souvenirs/memories together along the way.

“Ryuganji Temple is the start, but we aim to approach other smaller temples around Japan that share the same value with the project.”

The idea of web3 and NFT came in because of the Collection concept.

Goshuin is a stamp with handwritten calligraphy by the temple’s monk as proof of your visitation.

Collecting Goshuin stamps used to be a pilgrimage in Buddhism. Now, it’s evolved into a hobby just like collecting a train stamp or museum stamp, which itself is a community, the core value of NFT projects.

Each Goshuin stamp will have a brush calligraphy that overlays the stamp, usually with the temple’s unique words or phrases and the date written by the monk, therefore, every Goshuin you receive will have unique characteristics. It is also a form of POAP (proof of attendance protocol used in events that is life-bound to the owner) in web3, hence merging both traditional and modern technology.

Utility when becoming NFT:

Receive Exclusive Physical Goshuin Stamp (In Progress)

Attend Exclusive Events (In Progress)

Receive Heritage Visitation Certificate POAP (In Progress)

Exclusive Behind-the-Scene Content

Online-only Live Events (In Progress)

Goshuin Japan NFT is ready for minting/purchase for 0.01 ETH through Ethereum or credit card. (31 January 2024)

About Ryuganji Temple:

Known for its unorthodox events such as Drone Buddha performance for the past, Buddhist pop unit, and Pure Land Buddhist Maid cafe, Ryuganji Temple is cherished by the local community as a Jodo Buddhist Temple in Kyoto.

About Avalanche Ltd & the company:

Avalanche LTD & the company, is an advertising production company created in 1998 in Osaka, Japan.

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Goshuin Japan x Ryuganji Temple Japan MBS TV Coverage @7:30

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